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Great Enhanced Pics Made by @Fmerob

Here’s a bunch of great enhanced pics made by Fmerob. I was checking her Tumblr today and she has so many great edits. She also seems to like Tyler as much as I do (anyone who’s been following this site for a while knows how much I love Remember Me & Tyler). A few of these are GIFs. 

Make sure to check out and follow her Tumblr here

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Water for Elephants Reaches 106.4M Worldwide

Water for Elephants has now reached 106.4M worldwide according to Box Office Mojo. 

Possible US Release Date For Bel Ami

Today, The Hollywood Reporter had a possible release date for Bel Ami in USA, in a Breaking Dawn article.

(…) Pattinson, who recently appeared in Francis Lawrence’s Water for Elephants, will also star in Bel Ami with Uma Thurman; the film is set for an October 19th release.

Note that this date is not yet confirmed!

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More Fan Videos of Robert Pattinson at the MTV Movie Awards

Here are some more fan videos of Rob at the MMAa

Rob at the audience

Rob and Kristen winning best kiss

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