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Breaking Dawn Part 1: First Scheduled Comic Con Panel on July 21st   1 comment

The ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Comic Con panel will take place on Thursday 21st July (San Diego),  and is the first scheduled event of the day.

Tickets are sold out, and anyone wanting to attend the panel is encouraged to start camping on the Wednesday to ensure a seat in Hall H.

No word as yet on which cast members will attend, (although its likely Rob will), we’ll update when we get more info.

Videos of Robert Pattinson on the set of ‘Cosmopolis’ last night (June 29)   Leave a comment

Here are 2 fan videos of Robert Pattinson on the set of ‘Cosmopolis’ last night.

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New Behind-the-Scenes Picture of Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory in ‘Harry Potter’   3 comments have been releasing a bunch of exclusive never before seen behind-the-scenes stills from the Harry Potter series, including this one with Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Head over there to check out the rest.

Fan Encounter with Robert Pattinson on the set of ‘Cosmopolis’   2 comments

Here is @Stefter/Robdays encounter with Robert Pattinson on the Cosmopolis movie set (June 1st).

You can see her pictures of Rob HERE

“We arrived there at about 6 and there were only about 10 of us there, including a friend of ours that went with us to the set on Sunday.  Half-hour later, Rob’s car arrived and into the trailer he went.  It then became a waiting game.

As the hours passed, we were pretty much losing hope of him signing anything because the group kept growing larger and larger.  At one point, there were about 50 or 60 people there.  All we (Sandy, Debi and myself) kept hoping was that he’d do the same thing he had done the night before.  Just past 10:30 pm, Rob came out of his trailer and was whisked away from us.

By that time, I had convinced myself that I would be content to just have that last glimpse of him as he got into the car.  The fact that he was still in his Eric Packer clothes gave us hope.  Once he left in the car practically everyone left, leaving about 8 of us.  Once again, Sandy came through.  She grabbed my car keys and drove down to the set just to confirm whether or not they were in fact still filming.  She came back with some Muffins and water (as we had not eaten) and confirmed that the Pretty was on set.  We hoped that this shoot would not go on until the wee hours of the morning.

Half hour later our persistence paid off!!! He came back and into the trailer he went, at which point Dean came to us and told us he would sign our stuff but no pics.  We were all just fine with that.  Minutes later, he came out of the trailer in his street clothes (and don’t go hating on the red pants, they were fucking sexy on him).  We lined up like good little school girls and one by one he signed for everyone.  He asked everyone for their names and signed everything.

He laughs so easily and really is incredibly nice to everyone, not to mention how beautiful he really is.  Pics DO NOT do him justice.


My exchange went like this:

Rob:  What’s your name?

Teresa:  Teresa.

R:  Is that with an ‘H’ or just a ‘T’?

T:  Without the ‘H,’ thanks for asking.  Thank you.

R:  No problem.

Needless to say, my AnOther Man magazine and my Sharpie pen will be enshrined.  I’m so glad I stuck it out and I’m still smiling.  I think I’ll be smiling forever! “

So cute! Thanks for sharing!

Read the full write up HERE


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*NEW* Pictures of Robert Pattinson (filming) on the Cosmopolis set – June 29 SPOILERS   2 comments

Here are new pics of Rob filming Cosmopolis

SPOILER  – The pictures  show the entire scene

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Robert Pattinson ‘Cosmopolis’ Pic Edits   1 comment

Here are some Rob ‘Cosmopolis’ edits made by Slowie

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