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Here are few scans of Rob in Tu magazine

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Translation thanks to Colleen from spunk-ransom.com!

Check all of the details from our exclusive with the hottest actor in Hollywood in which he talked about his most recent success “Water for Elephants” and gave us advances from “Breaking Dawn.”

Once again we meet with the handsome and joker actor, and this English fellow continues to reap success: his latest film “Water for Elephants” resulted in success. Furthermore, with only a few months until the premiere of the first part of “Breaking Dawn,” vampire fever is returning with more intensity. As if that’s not enough, Robert has imminent projects such as the films “Bel Ami” and “Cosmopolis”. The meeting with him was in a Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles. Find out what he told us.

TU – You have become an actor specializing in forbidden love and other matters of the heart (in the “Twilight Saga” and “Water for Elephants” there is some of this). Do you believe there are rules for love?

Rob – There are always problems when you fall in love, especially in movies (laughs), it has been a mess for at least two that I have acted in. “Water for Elephants” has a very cool story, in it the two protagonists fall in love and make things right from the beginning to the end of the story. Furthermore, it has a happy ending! It’s great!

TU – At least Jacob, your new character in “Water for Elephants” did not die…

Rob – No, that’s cool.

TU – The story of “Water for Elephants” took place in the 30s, nothing like the current time. How would you describe those times?

Rob – Much different! (Translator note: the original text is “¡Medio rara!” and I was taught to use that as a measurement of the cooking of meat…so I’m not sure what that was supposed to be? I tried!) I always get images of what I want to do in a movie before I first read the script and concentrate on the way in which people would dress, how they would move and such details. I thought “should I move in this way, and so”…that sounds quite ridiculous (laughs).

TU – Would you like to wear those clothes?

Rob – Yes, I believe that I am not too adapted to modern clothing, and I have the body of an “old man” or something similar (laughs) since everything I used in the movie was fantastic and each garmet fit me. Now I try to put on a pair of jeans and nothing remains with me, so I tried with these pants (laughs).

TU – Do you think your life is like a circus? It seems exciting and fast-paced.

Rob – Not really. I have a boring life. I work every day, and that’s all. If I have to go somewhere I’m ready in ten minutes, sometimes I sleep in the car but I’ll be ready to attend an awards ceremony, for example. You do what you should do there, and then take a plane to return to work again.

TU – Are you still excited to see your fans?

Rob – Yes, it is fun to walk where there is a big crowd and it turns crazy. But when it is urgent to reach one side it is difficult to cope with

TU – How do you travel? Do you travel by private plane, first class, or something like that?

Rob – Airports are always difficult, especially in Los Angeles, that is very hard to travel by. But to avoid the madness what I do is take the plane 20 minutes before takeoff. That’s what I’ve done until now.

TU – And while you’re on the plane you’re not bothered?

Rob – In truth, I put my blanket over my head before I sleep. It’s easy to do this in the plane (laughs).

TU – Are you still missing your country?

Rob – Yes, and I think I always will be, there are effects that cannot be changed. Right now I’m still trying to leave behind those sad feelings. I went during Christmas, and I knew nothing of what had happened there. That situation was very depressing, the fact of having in mind the idea of a place, and returning to find that everything is completely different and nothing you see is the same.

TU – It is said that you brought your friends from England to the United States, and they accompanied you on all sides to stay strong.

Rob – Occasionally, when I’m working in Los Angles, my friends came because they had issues to settle in that city, but they would never be with me at all times. Many actors have a group and people who stay with them for like two months as an entourage. But the egos of my friends are huge, and they won’t be a part of my entourage for nothing (laughs). Maybe in New York or Los Angles with all expenses paid, but not in villages.

TU – How do you keep your feet on the ground?

Rob – The job of putting your feet on the ground…I try to carry this out all of the time. I don’t know how to say it, but I don’t hope for anything from anybody. For example, things that are “powerful” (valuable in the manner of money) do not matter to me.

TU – Where have you been in the past few months?

Rob – I was working on “Breaking Dawn” for six months in Baton Rogue, Louisiana & Vancouver, Canada.

TU – And what’s the story with the puppy you adopted on the set of “Breaking Dawn”?

Rob – He might have been put down today. I rescued him two or three days ago and the shelter was only going to keep him for ten days. It’s funny, we took a plane to get here from Louisiana. So we left the shelter, and the following day he was already traveling by private plane to be in this hotel (laughs), just like in the movie “Lady and the Tramp”.

TU – And how is it all being in the Twilight Saga? Do you still like to be Edward Cullen?

Rob – Yes, it is still crazy. The last two parts of the story are very different. It’s funny because it’s the first time the Summit studios didn’t tell me “don’t talk about this, it is a total secret,” which has changed to “if you talk about this, tell the whole world,” ha.

TU – And the movies-how are you adapting “Breaking Dawn” with all the unexpected events?

Rob – I don’t know, but the book itself is totally crazy.

TU – And how would you describe the whole matter of the wedding and the pregnancy in “Breaking Dawn”?

Rob – Fun, well, no not fun (laughs). Very resounding for the last film.

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