*NEW* Breaking Dawn Promo Pictures from Breaking Dawn Calendar   11 comments

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11 responses to “*NEW* Breaking Dawn Promo Pictures from Breaking Dawn Calendar

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  2. Do you know when this is willl be coming out?

  3. i want one when it comes out

    Christina Nuccio
  4. I have never gotten a twilight related calendar (mainly because I think Summit has gotten enough money from the fans already) but i might just get this one…they all look really great!

  5. Omg I love this it looks the best one yet finally looks like ditching the theatrical pale look make up. Hope it comes out soon we need twilight stuff in the shops again carnt get enough of rob love the suit one so sexy we just need a new rob pattinson one to come out now

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  9. omg… It’s the worst timing O.O What have they done to Alice? What about Edward? Rob is really handsome in the calendar of Eclipse, is that I have. This I don’t like 😦

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