Daniel Radcliffe mentioned Robert Pattinson in an interview with ‘The First’ Magazine   4 comments

“I have a weird relationship with fame. It is sometimes hard to live, but I did not want to complain. Probably because the people are friendly with me – and it is that you released.

I’m thinking it has nothing to do with what lives Robert (Pattinson) This is a guy I really like – and no I do not have his laptop, and I say this, because every time it’s the first thing you wonder. He is a sex symbol. It’s sexy and it just makes her look “romantic” for girls tocrack. It is the perfect size to seduce girls – unlike me (laughs). He can be charming and cute, wild and sexy … I do not have this status: look at the photos in the press. When one puts us face-to-face, I always look a bit silly or I make faces, while he, he always has his eye as a womanizer!”

source: RPattzRobertPattinson.com | Via Gossip Dance

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4 responses to “Daniel Radcliffe mentioned Robert Pattinson in an interview with ‘The First’ Magazine

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  2. Bad translation, do you need help translating from Spanish? Who does it for you?

  3. Proper translation is as follows:

    “I have a rare (weird) relationship with fame. Sometimes it is difficult to live with it, but I don’t want to complain. Probably because the people are very friendly with me, and that is what frees you.

    I’m thinking that it has nothing to do with what Robert (Pattinson) is living. I like that guy a lot, and I don’t have his cellphone number, I say it because this is what I’m always asked. He is a sex symbol. He is sexy and he makes the girls smile with his “romantic” look. It is the perfect way to seduce the girls, not like me (laughs). He can be charming and adorable, wild and sexy… And I’m not in that situation: take a look at the pictures in the press. When we are put face to face, I always look a bit ridiculous or I’m making faces, while he always has his eyes like a seducer!”

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