Happy Birthday @DreamySim1 !   57 comments

Happy Birthday to the fabulous DreamySim1!

As everyone knows, she’s a huge part of the site, and one of the loveliest people around. So make a wish Sim, and blow out your candles.

Lots of love,

The ToR girls xxxxx

Some more birthday messages from your friends below!


Dearest Sim, 

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! 

Thank you for being such a good friend and for always being there for everyone.  You have a heart of gold. There are not many people around who are as pure hearted and caring as you are. I’m so grateful for having you as a friend. Thank you also for everything you do for this site. For close to three years you have been working with me on the site and you have never once faltered. We are lucky to have you with us. You’ve stuck by my side through thick and thin. Thank you so much for standing by my side through all the tough times, especially this year. “The moon is on my side, I got no reason to run…” 😉  You deserve to have a wonderful birthday. I’d buy you a cardigan for your birthday but I’m scared you’d never wear it lol 😉 Here’s a video for you.

Oh, right also, Rick Astley would like to wish you a happy birthday  as well 😉 

Love you babe, have a great birthday! 

Marie aka FP 



Dear Sim, my brain twin, and fellow tea party companion,

Here are your presents. 

Have a good birthday, true?

But for serious.. I just want to say….. [insert mushy feeelings here]. So yeah. You are one of the best people. If not the best. Better than me. Maybe. Oh ok, definitely. Have a great birthday doll. You deserve it. Ill go out tonight especially and have a beer for you. 

Zoe, aka Zelda from Hobnobville 



It’s party time!! 

Dear Sim (Simba, blue moon, screencapboos…)

I wish you a very happy birthday! May your day be filled with laugh, love, some Rob porn, car porn, WWF, Draw Something, hawt dude stuff and so much more! (Don’t forget the all the typos – was that a spiler?!)
You are such an amazing person, who always has time and an ear 😉  for  everyone (because
 the moon  ALWAYS watches over us 😉 ). Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and  I’m  really happy to call you a friend!
Have a great ‘god’ day ❤ 

B aka CVC 



Happy birthday to the wonderful and talented Dreamy Sim! Thank you for being there during a difficult time for me this year. Your tweets always made me smile…..and cringe and scream and shiver. LOL! How did we ever get started on these spider photos! *points to FakerParis* 😉

Hope this brings a smile to your face. 😀 Have a wonderful birthday Sim!

Love ya!




you are a gift that keeps on giving, and I thank you everyday when my desktop reveals your beautiful wallpapers that always make me smile. We so appreciate your talents and all your hard work, and not only for the wallpapers and backgrounds, but also the devotion you give everyday to Thinking of Rob. Thank you so very much, we appreciate you more than you know! Hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with smiles and love!
Best Wishes from MelbieToast


My sweet dear Sim, I’m so glad to have a great friend like you in my life. You are such an amazing person with the kindest heart.
All of us touched by the light of your moon are blessed. Happy birthday sweetie, may it be a year filled with love and happiness.

Lots of love,


Happy Birthday Moon!

Hope this year brings you joy and happiness and it has been an honor to get to know you throughout the past one. You are funny, sweet, and never have a bad word to say about anyone. Your intelligence is not to be denied and your interests are, surprisingly, some of my own. I hope that the day you were born is spent with (BATMAN!) those you want to be around the most. I hope you get tons of (BATMAN!) presents, and get drunk to (BATMAN!) your favorite drink. So cheers to you, Moon! (and BATMAN!) 🙂

Your friend,



Dear Sim,
Or as I like to call you: Old dude. (yes that one will never get old)
I want to wish you a very happy 91st birthday. I really hope you’ll have a nice day with lots of love and joy.
Just make sure you don’t party to hard, because your old bones can’t handle that kind of thing.. 😉
Nah you know I’m just kidding..
Just have fun eat lots of cake. Save some for me and bring it with you when we see each other again 😛 (Or maybe don’t because I know it’s going to be all gross and moldy so just give Puck my piece..)
Lots of love and birthday wishes,



Happy Birthday fellow Shoe-h00r! May your day be filled with new stilettos and lots of cake… Is there such a thing as a stroopwafel cake? You’re one of the most talented and loveliest people I know so I hope your birthday is as special as you are. Always in awe of your work, Natalie. (Penguin Lover and Shoe-h00r extraordinaire) xoxo


Happy Birthday, Sim!

Hope you have the most wonderful of days. You are one of the kindest people I am lucky to know and call a friend.

Love, Celeste xoxo


Hey Moonie 😉 I hope you have a great Birthday! I’ve grown to think of you as a friend over this past year 🙂 thank you Have a Great one! Persistentp (Allison)


Dear sis, I remember who introduced us on twitter, about 2,5 years ago. At that time, we somehow were 5 “sisters” but for different reasons, there’s only us 2 left. I can’t tell you how happy I am, you kept me. ❤

Anyway. IT’S YOUR BIIIIIIIIRTHDAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooohooooooo

Congratulations sis. Here’s a song for you:

The important line is about 18 seconds in. LOL

And of course, we can’t forget this song, with a great video:

Teeny would like to say happy birthday too:

Tiny would like to give you these:

“Because Sim loves tulips and they make me think of her”.

Hope you have the most amazing birthday sis. I love you lots Jo


Happy Birthday Sim!

I hope you have an amazing day filled with fun and love.

Happy Birthday Sim!

May the best of your wishes be the least of what you get! Enjoy your special day!

xoxo Mina



Dearest sim. My pimp of stroopwaffles. My target for penis tweet jacking. My rob whore. I hop you have a cocktastic. I mean. Fantastic day. You deserve all the birthday wishes you make!!!!


Tasha @sparklevajayjay


On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy; I hope all of your wishes come true. May each hour and minute be filled with delight, And your birthday be perfect for you!

Happy Birthday, dear Sim!

With all my heart, Adriana


Happy Birthday, Sim! Hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it!

🙂 Ashley (sashylee)



Dearest, loveliest Moon. Happy Birthday, my darling. I hope you have a wonderful day and gets celebrated like you truly deserve. You are an amazing person, and you bring so much joy and friendship to me and many others. Love you tons. xoxo Astrid


Happy Bday Sim ,

I’m sending you a stroopwafel flowered cake .




Happy Birthday babe!

Hope you have a great day and get loads of lovely presents

Lots of love

Margaret xx


“A big dag for a lovely girl Happy Birthday my love A simple celebration, a gathering of friends, wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.

May your special day be filled with memories and flowers, friendship and happy hours.

Here’s to celebrating you, Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true. Have a wonderful day and fabulous year.

May this year be your best ever. May this day always be a special one to remember. May the best of your past be the worst of your future. May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. Happy birthday ❤

Much love Mandy xoxo”



Thanks for all the awesome chats! I know we haven’t talked much lately…but your friendship has always meant a lot to me. Hope you have a great birthday!



Damon hopes you haven’t been misbehaving on your birthday. You’re never too old to be spanked…




Happy birthday
Hope you you have an amazing day hun.
Have I told you lately that I love you?
Well I do, you are awesome and amazing
and am so thankful to have someone like
you in my life.
Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag lieve Sim
Loads of Rob hugs and kisses
Sam ❤


Happy Birthday to the beautiful and lovely Sim!! Enjoy your day xoxo



I can’t believe how much time has passed since we first ‘met’ online. We’ve been through so much fandom fun and craziness and here we are years later (ack yes years later) and I’m so happy to call you my friend. Thanks for all the fun times & all the AMAZING fan art (Rob & other hotties). Happy Birthday!



Happy Birthday Sim!

Have a great day, eat Stroopwafels, watch Rob dvds :p and relax.
Katie / vampirefreak101

Happy Birthday!!

I hope you have an amazing day and all your birthday wishes come true!

Love, Nat!


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57 responses to “Happy Birthday @DreamySim1 !

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  1. Happy, happy birthday babe!!! =)

  2. Ok the card by Veronica is AWESOME!!!!

    Just say’n ツ

  3. Darling Sim!!!!!! Happy birthday! may your day be filled with awesome.
    You rick, darling!
    Much love,

  4. and evidently, I CAN’T write!
    That is: YOU ROCK!

  5. I’m sorry, I failed in contacting a lot of people. There are just so many of you o.O

  6. How cool is that! I’d like a piece of the first cake from the ToR girls please, candles and all, yummy!

    Happy Birthday Sim! ❤

  7. I’ll blow the largest candle on THAT cake! YUMMY! LOL!

  8. Happy birthday, lovely!! I hope you have an amazing day, which means I hope you’ll spend the entire day rolling around in cake. MMMMMMM CAKE.

    he he.


  9. LMAO at Meg’s epic Paint job haha

  10. Such lovely sentiments for a such a lovely lady!
    Happy Birthday Babe



  12. Oh noes. How’d I miss that it was Sim’s birthday????? Happiest of birthdays to one of the loveliest people I’ve “met”. I’m sending lots of love and hugs your way!


    ❤ Cyn

  13. Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! Happy Birthday Dear Sim….Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day BM! May all your birthday wishes come true! Miss you lots! Love Gabby

    P.S. Don’t forget to blow out the birthday candles on Rob. 😉 The wax is gonna burn him. 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday Dreamy Sim.. thank you for all your beautiful wps.. You have never failed to brighten my day.. Hope all your wishes come true..

  15. Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is filled with lots of love and lots and lots and lots of Rob!! That is the BEST cake ever! hehe 🙂 Thank you for all you do and all the gorgeous wallpapers. 🙂

    Kellie Robsessed
  16. Hip Hip Hip Hourra Bonne Fête !!! Dear Dreamysim, I’d like to add my voice to the other ones and offer you my very best Birthday wishes 🙂 And as we sing it in Québec (in french, just try to imagine Rob, with a litlle accent, singing it to you *sigh*) : ” Ma chère Dreamysim, c’est à ton tour, de te laisser parler d’Amour ! ” (I’m sure Marie will explain to you where, or I should say, from whom it comes and will translate it more properly then I could do ;-b ) So the very best to you, and thank you for everything you are doing. A good and beautiful life to you 🙂

  17. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to You DreamySim!!!!!! xoxo

  18. THANK YOU ALL so so much! AMAZING how many friends I made here! You made me all teary eyed :*) I promise I’ll reply each and every one of you! Work is pulling me away for now but seriously: YOU ALL ROCK!!! btw can I ‘blow’ the candles now? LOL!



  19. Happy birthday sistah. ❤ Have the bestest day. You'll be celebrated all over the world with people going to see THG.
    I love you. ❤

  20. Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I’m late 🙂 xoxo

  21. Happy birthday Sim!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day 🙂 Thanks for all your amazing wallpapers and Rob goodness you create – you are an inspiration. I appreciate so much the support and kindness you always show me. Take care. *hugs from Scotland*

  22. Awl, Have a Happy Birthday bb. Filled with all the wishes you desire.

  23. okay finally time to reply everyone:

    Sweet Marie:
    Thank you for being you and being a part of my life: I’m proud to call you my friend for almost 3 years now! And Cardigan? bwahaha err no not wearing that LOL Love you tons! Even though you RICKROLLED ME ON MAH BIRTHDAY! lmao <333

    Z: GAH Mah braintwin, you feel me? I'm sooo drooling over that gif!! all hotness in there! And you're awesome! *mwah* ily
    Drink one on me *fistbump* ❤

    OMG B! NYCROB!! thank you!! and I love your spilers!! LOL Proud to be your friend babes *mwah*

    OMG JAYPAT! SPIDERROB lmao *big hugs* love ya tons and glad to make you smile! ❤

    Melbie: Love ya babes! that pic made me giggle so hard! thnx for the bday wishes and all the love! ❤

    Lili: love you tons babes! so happy to have you as my first twitterfriend! *mwah* <333

    Nursey: BATMAN! LOL I love BATMAN! 😀 and thanks for all the sweet words! <333

    Ana: love ya tons!! still pulling those curls LOL

    Daphne: omg my back is killing me: from laughing! LMAO This 91 year old dude hopes to see you at Lowlands! *mwah*

    Carol: thnx so much for your beautiful wish! ❤

    Natalie: We'll buy shoes and watch penguins all day! thnx babes *mwah* <333

    Celeste: my book-pimp! Thank you for being you! and I'm happy to have you in my life! <333

    Allison: thank you so much! and I see you as my friend as well! a dear one <333

    SIS!!! Thank you soooo so much!! and Teeny too!!! AND TINY! Tulips are my favorites!! so so proud to still have you as my sis (out of all the others lol) Love ya! <3333

    Jeanette: you're awesome!! I love ya tons! and I love our msn convos: drooling and giggling LOL we should do it way more often! <333

    Mina: thank you so much babes! *mwah* love ya ❤

    Ell_wells: JumpROB FTW!! thnx for all the giggles we have: I still see you as my purple loving friend LOL <333

    Tasha: I FLOVE your durteh mind! lol *mwah* you rawk!! <333

    Adriana: my food pimp LOL your pics always make me drool thnx for the wishes babes!

    Ashley; thanks so much babes! Let me know if you need the speculoos k? :))

    EVisTBD: NOM!!!! thnx so much babes!! *mwah* ❤

    Scott: dodo you rawk!! thanks for the nom cake! LOL Hope you finally tasted a stroopwafel lol

    AlohaSD: LOL I remember this!! it's awesomesauce!! love ya! ❤

    Margaret: thanks babes!! <333

    Mandy: thank you so so much babes *mwah* <333 love ya

    Janine: LOVE THE CAKE lmao!! thnx so much <33

    Kat: OMG girl!! miss your face!! and still call you a dear friend babes! *mwah*

    Elusive: lmfao I might wanna be misbehaving now LOL thnx babes <333

    Weegie: OMG NOM!! moon, cookiemonstah AND Joe?! you spoil me! lol thnx babes!! ❤

    Sam: you did!! and I flove ya too!! thnx for being my friend babes <333

    LMCullen: thank you so much babes!! miss your face! ❤

    Veronika: I LOVE it!! thnx babes!! ❤

    JaG: omg I'm feeling old now LOL we certainly go way back: my first ever introduction to the Robness: Random Acts of Rob: still love that place and the Pattinangels!! Proud to call you my friend babes! *mwah* ily <333

    Meg: I love you sexy sunbear! lmao <333

    Jan: you had something hot in mind? LOL thnx babes Love ya! <333

    Katie: thank you so much!! *big hugs* <333

    IAm_Echelon: nommmmmmm!! thnx babes! <333

    Nat: NYC ROB!! GAH thnx babes <333

    Thank you all for making this day awesome!! love you all!! <333

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