What Are Your Thoughts On the Cosmpolis Teaser? Come Share Them With Us!   36 comments

Since the Cosmopolis teaser just came out we thought we’d make a post to share your reactions to the teaser. So what did you think about the teaser? Are you excited to see Cosmopolis? Leave your thoughts and comments in the comments below! 

And if you missed the teaser, watch it now 😉 

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36 responses to “What Are Your Thoughts On the Cosmpolis Teaser? Come Share Them With Us!

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  1. Wow, now that is how a teaser should be done!!! Cosmopolis looks so twisted, dark and amazing. I think the world is finally going to see Rob for the talent he is. I will truly enjoy watching critics and haters change their opinion of his abilities as an actor. And if they don’t, then they just want to hate him because he’s a success and women flove him. I think this is film will be the perfect vehicle to rid him of the Edward-only image. Thank you Mr. Cronenberg!

    • This is awesome! I dare any of the critics to compare this to Twilight! I cam hardly wait to see this. Agree with all of the above.

  2. Exciting and raw and totally David Cronenberg. Rob looks fantastic in it and can’t wait to see the whole movie.

  3. I have no words, except Damn does this exceed my expectations or what? The ones who criticise his performance here are only plain obtuse, or cinycal to its extreme. Period

  4. Well good bye Edward…WHO? Hello Sexy! Maybe they will finally remember his real name after this one. Can’t wait to see it!

  5. What are my thoughts? Wow. Just….WOW. I look forward to Rob breaking out of the Twilight induced haze he has been in and this is certainly one way to do it. Can’t wait to see it!

  6. I think a few of us need to change our panties. This movie will make all the doubters of Rob’s career choke on their words. Cronenberg has done ot again.

  7. *standing ovation through the mofo net!* To be trusted by a superb director. To be trusted by the author and his realm. To be trusted by yourself that you can do it.
    This is just a teaser, and teased we are. Rob has that talent to immerse himself thoroughly in a role and just *be* that character. Truly, he does. Daniel, Salvador, Tyler, Jacob, Edward… whoever. When you watch, he’s *that person*. Bigotry and jealousy can’t hide a talent like that. Robert Pattinson’s definitely showing things other people don’t know. As a supporter, I’m really proud of what he has done, the roles and stories he has taken. If you examine each character and plot, there’s such disparity among the array Rob has.
    This trailer is just amazing. Rob, even before, has been out of anything even before this.

  8. i don’t like the idea of him handling a gun but if its part of a role that he’s playing then that’s fine

  9. My God, I never ever thought that Robert could play a part like this, kudos to him and David Cronenberg
    this film like David said in his interviews with now show the skeptics how deep Robert’s acting
    skills can go, again Kudos to Robert and David Cronenberg…


  11. Rob is off the chain in this role ,his performance is epic I can’t wait to see it an maybe his hater’s will shut the F up nah they’ll just be a bit more jealous cause he’s got what they don’t TALENT and the courage to not be a Hollywood Sheep,Thankyou Mr.Cronenberg!

  12. As a fan I feel so proud! Must be that intuition you get when you know something and you wait and then critics tear movies apart, but I don’t listen to them, and then realization comes that you were correct all along. Looks like they picked an excellent director to handle this detailed book. I’m so excited, now we wait til Dec. is what I heard for US.

  13. Well, my sincere appreciation and gratitude to David Cronenberg for recognizing what enormous potential Rob has an an actor. It looks like Rob will finally be recognized for his ability. Now, I cannot wait to see this film…naked Rob, Rob with a gun, the swagger….I guess if I had a heart problem, I’d be dead right now….just saying…

  14. The trailer is getting rave reviews even from the critics, they are saying Canne’s Bound for sure, and since it’s being
    released in France in May, Canne’s for sure………..Kudos to you Mr Pattinson, even the critic’s are praising this

  15. Thank you, Robert Pattinson for taking on this epic role of a lifetime and Mr. Cronenberg for making our man SHINE!! Critics be damned. Rob will show everyone that he’s not just another pretty face. Just a sparkling vampire in “Twilight”. I am so proud to call myself a Robert Pattinson fan for life. As for my true true feelings for the tease I say HOT DAMN!!!! Just the tip *giggles* Eric Packer, you naughty naughty boy. 😉 More please.

    Kellie Robsessed
  16. This movie will be Rob’s coming of age movie as an actor. He has paid his dues like all other young actors just getting started and having to take the critics comments along with it. This movie will enable Rob to show exactly what he is made of…..and that is an amazing actor that can take on any role.

  17. OMG! I can’t wait to see this movie Rob is awesome in this movie really shows the true talent he has an great actor.

  18. Rob is so hot in this. Actually, Hot in everything or nothing. He is showing his stripes now for sure. Lol Love them…

  19. If we will ever get enough of Rob, this is the year, 2012, but the waits are long, I don’t want this year to be over but it needs to hurry up already!!

    In the words of Rob himself, this movie is quite saucy and a whole lot raunchy!! Lol wow, very intense!! Not for a young audience. Rob you’re being a bad boy to pull in the girls to see this racy movie 😉

  20. YES!!! This is a teaser after my own heart! Croenberg looks like he nailed it! Pattinson,… you freakin rock as Packer! We have to wait how long for this flick? Come on! Bring it on!!!

  21. Far too excited about this. AHH!!

  22. That is what I call breaking out of the gates at top speed, between Bel Ami and this heart racing intense clip of Cosmopolis……I’m so happy to say bye-bye to rated PG-13. 😉

  23. I am proud of Rob for taking on a role like this! This movie will show how talent Rob is and that he can do anything!! Can’t wait to see this movie!!!

  24. I’m a guy (22) and i have followed Rob’s career since before Twilight. Personally i like his non-twi movies better, but that’s just me. That being said, i think Cosmopolis is his greatest work to date. I’m so glad to see him choosing roles like this and Geroges DuRoy; roles that will make a name for him and establish him as a serious actor, not just a pretty face. I’m so excited for this movie to be released and i HOPE that he continues down the path that he seems to be on.

  25. I want to be him in this movie…I am a man I am 25, I want to be Eric Packer…………….

  26. Movie looks like its gonna be like the book…confusing, disjointed, and odd. But Ill go see it cuz Rob’s in it. Its supposed to be his big “dramatic” breakout role. Hope its not too weird…

  27. Although this looks like a film I would normally never go to see because I’m not into violence and dark themes, I definitely will see Cosmopolis because this is truly going to be a breakthrough roll for Rob and he looks like he’s going to be magnificent in it. Anxiously awaiting to see if Cosmopolis will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, and what is said about it and Rob’s performance!!!

  28. It is mind-blowing!! I loved it so much and seeing Rob take on such a wild character is awesome. I have been watching alot of trailers but this one has been on mind for 24 hours and counting. I can’t shake it, still can’t. So proud of Rob 🙂

  29. That trailer was so unexpected and the most chilling 34 seconds I’ve ever experienced! My favorite part – Rob’s swagger down that alley! Pattinson plus Cronenberg equals one badass movie! Congratulations Rob!! I feel like this could be one Oscar winning performance!

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