Bel Ami leaflets – Poland   3 comments

Paulinka sent us these pics of leaflets you can find in Polish theaters; Bel Ami which is translated to the Seducer in Polish. The sentence underneath says: ‘With him every woman is bad’….

Posted May 10, 2012 by Sim in Bel Ami, Robert Pattinson

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3 responses to “Bel Ami leaflets – Poland

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  1. I’ve got about fifty of them 😀
    I don’t like Polish title ;/ Bel Ami is much better. I have no idea why they changed it.
    What’s more, although Polish premiere is on May 25th, brand of cinemas called ‘Helios’ organises special screening on Bel Ami on Wednesday, 16th May as a part of ‘Cinema for Women’. I have already booked a ticket 🙂

  2. Cathy: You are going to LOVE IT. I got to see it yesterday on a pay-for-view station in the area where I live. It was on for 2 days only. Robert Pattinson was fablous. He was totally amazing.

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