David Cronenberg Speaks About Cosmopolis and Robert Pattinson in Télérama Magazine   Leave a comment


Thanks to RP Life 

Télérama: How would you present the movie to Rob’s fans?
DC: We could tell them that it’s story of a vampire on Wall Street. It’s almost true, even tho a little deceiving. We can emphazise that Rob is in every scene, that he’s sometimes naked and that he has sex with Juliette Binoche. This, the fans won’t find in Twilight, it’s a more conservative cinema. During the filming of Cosmopolis? Tons of girls were waiting on set, in the streets, at any hour of the day and night. They had made t-shirts with the strange gun from the movie and the name ‘Nancy Babich’ that served as code to use the weapon. It was really cute. As were the internet websites about Cosmopolis, that Rob’s fans made when the movie got greenlighting.

David talks about a character at the beginning of the movie – a 19 year old businessman – who says his career is over and that he can’t face the abstraction of capitalism from today.

See the scans and the rest of the interview after the jump! 

Télérama: What about you, can you face it?
DC: I reveal nature in concrete terms. Cinema is not an abstract art. everything should be embodied in characters. Eric Packer, that Rob plays, represents the triumph of capitalism pushed to self-destruction. Many people think today that it’s going to eat itself, to explode or to implode. My movie doesn’t talk about this, but I can’t tell Rob: ‘You’re the symbol of a self-destruct capitalism.’ He can’t play it like that. He has to play a character. The cinema is forced to be, in a certain way, extremely realist and I like that.

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