Poll of the Day: What’s Your Favourite Robert Pattinson Movie?   9 comments

Our poll of the day today is: What’s your favourite Robert Pattinson movie? Feel free to tell us why in the comments! Have you seen all of these movies? 

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9 responses to “Poll of the Day: What’s Your Favourite Robert Pattinson Movie?

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  1. all of the twilight movie’s

  2. Remember Me and Twilight are about equal and then Water For Elephants. The Haunted Airman, Bad Mother’s Handbook and Little Ashes are great flics which are all so different in content and he does a good job in those. So we have a lot to look forward to in the future. I can’t wait to see Bel Ami(aside from an Ipad) and Cosmopolis.

  3. By far #RememberMe is my favorite movie of Robert’s! Such a great human interest story!

  4. Although #WaterForElephants is a close second. Looking forward to #Cosmopolis and #BelAmi.

  5. 1. Cosmopolis 2. Little Ashes 3. Remember Me 4. Twilight 5. WFE

  6. It’s seemingly impossible for me to pick just one! I’d say I like them all but didn’t care for the Rings movie (because they dubbed his voice) and I only saw The summer House about a dozen times because it wasn’t that good and the director had his shots in dark shadows, it was hard to see him. Otherwise, I can, and do, watch and enjoy the other movies virtually endlessly.

  7. Tyler forever….<3333

  8. I think Rob is terrific in every role I have seen him play. I have seen every one of his movies apart from Cosmopolis. I first saw him in Twilight. He became Edward for me. Then I saw Remember Me, and I still can’t watch that movie without being profoundly moved by Tyler. After I had seen the rest of the Twilight movies and Water for Elephants and after reading some of the ridiculous and Rob-bashing reviews from some critics, I decided to purchase Little Ashes. I had read that this was a courageous role for him to take on at such a young age. They weren’t kidding. I was blown away by his performance. I forgot that I was watching Robert Pattinson. He was Dali. I always thought he had “chops.” After seeing him play Dali, there is no doubt in my mind that he does. The critics need to wake up! I can’t wait to see Cosmopolis and whatever he chooses to do after that.

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