Yahoo UK Is Giving away a Signed Cosmopolis Poster   1 comment

Yahoo UK is giving away a signed Cosmopolis Poster, signed by Rob and David Cronenberg…

And because we know how many of you are as nuts about Robert Pattinson as we are, we’ve got our hands on a SIGNED poster by the man himself! To celebrate the release of RPattz’s brand new film COSMOPOLIS we’re giving away a movie poster signed by both Rob and director David Cronenberg. The film, which is out this Friday June 15, sees Twilight star Robert play a Billionaire called Eric Packer. In the video interview below, Robert explains he had wanted to do something less high profile after the success and exposure of the Twilight movies but then when the opportunity to do this film presented itself, he couldn’t resist. He said: “This came along and there was something about it that I thought was amazing. And it was David [Cronenberg] as well so I couldn’t really say no.” Talking about getting famous so young, he added: “In the film industry if you make a lot of noise early on when you’re young it’s irritating to people. I get it. I judge people the same way. You’ve gotta earn your respect.” All you have to do to WIN THE SIGNED ROBERT PATTINSON POSTER is Tweet us: ‘Hey @YahooOmgUK I want the signed RPattz poster because [XXX] #omgCosmopolis’

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