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New Picture of Robert Pattinson Backstage at ‘Live with Kelly & Michael’ with the Bellydancers   2 comments

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Turkish ‘Breaking Dawn: Part II’ Poster   1 comment

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New Robert Pattinson Interview with Washington Post   Leave a comment

 From Washington Post

 We’ve read the many, many headlines about Robert Pattinson. We’ve analyzed his work in the “Twilight” series as America’s Most Brooding and Swoon-Inducing Vampire. We’ve watched his frequent and occasionally awkward television interviews.

With the “Twilight” saga coming to an end next week following the release of “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” Pattinson, 26, can now fully focus on defining himself as an actor who appears in movies that don’t feature the Volturi. How does he feel as he makes that transition?  And is he really so up for a part in the “Star Wars” franchise that he would willingly play a live-action version of Jar Jar Binks?

During a recent phone interview, I did my best to get the answers to some of these questions. Here’s a transcript of our conversation.

I remember being at Comic-Con in 2008, prior to the release of the first movie, and thinking that you and Kristen Stewart seemed particularly shell shocked by the massive fan response. Do you remember what was going on in your mind then?

Pattinson: Yeah, I mean, it’s kind of exciting, but it just seems so separate. It’s always seemed so separate — that whole part of it — from doing the actual movies. That’s never changed for me. It’s a totally independent part of the job. You always get asked more about that aspect of it than anything else, you know, all the screaming and stuff. And I’ve never had a single lucid, analytical thought about it. It still just seems like screaming to me.

Why do you think people tend to ask more questions about that aspect of “Twilight”? Just because it seems so insane?

Pattinson: Yeah, I mean, it is the weirdest thing. There’s plenty of people who do movies and even big movies and stuff, but it’s weird to have that reaction for a series … but I don’t know why it happens.

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*VIDEO* Promo: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner coming to ‘El Hormiguero’   2 comments

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translation + scans: New Robert Pattinson interview with Dutch TV Guide ‘Veronica Magazine’   1 comment

Finally, no more vampire.
Breaking Dawn Part 2 will premier this week and marks the end of an era for pale vampires, screaming fans and Robert Pattinson as Posterboy. The 26 year old Brit does not seem bothered.
His post-Twilight parts, like the 9/11 drama Remember me and David Cronenbergs Cosmopolis suggested it already, Robert Pattinsons taste is more serious than the romantic adventures of bloodsucker Edward Cullen and his lover Bella.

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson interview with Allociné – LA Press Junket   Leave a comment

ETA: More from the interview added. Starts at 0:30

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*VIDEO* Peter Facinelli talks about pranking Rob on set   Leave a comment



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