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Normally we do a weekly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes, however since we’ve been so busy over the past month with promo we haven’t done it weekly. So here’s the monthly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

“The amount of times my friends have done absolutely ridiculous things on Twitter and all that stuff, which they’ve regretted afterwards. And you do it if you’re famous and it’s ah potentially it could destroy your career (laughs). So yeah I dunno, I mean maybe. I try to stay as quiet as possible.”
-Robert Pattinson
Breaking Dawn: Part II press junket (Ten Australia interview)

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“I would like to break the hands and mouth of the person who came up with it.” – Robert Pattinson, Australian press junket 2012 (when asked what he thought about his nickname RPattz)

“It’s really not up to you, you could talk about absolutely nothing, the editor is going to put it however they want anyway.” -Robert Pattinson, Australian press junket 2012

“I never would have thought I could have this career or I would live in America. The downside is that it would have been better if it had happen before twitter and phones with cameras.” -Robert Pattinson, Ciak magazine 2012

“My next thing I’m doing in Australia with this guy David Michod who did ‘Animal Kingdom,’ and Guy Pearce. So yeah, that’s going to be fun. It’s a really good script and I think he’s an amazing director, so it’s exciting. (The Rover)” -Robert Pattinson, MTV Australia 2012

“That I’m like Edward. People tend to forget that Twilight is a movie.” -Robert Pattinson (when asked what the worst thing is people say about him) Ciak magazine, 2012

“I feel like someone just put me in charge of a train that is out of control, and I’m finally learning how to be in charge of it. It’s hard to deal and accept what’s happened.” -Robert Pattinson, 15 a 20 magazine, 2012

“My ring [from the movie Twilight] is surely going to end in one of those Planet Hollywood restaurants. Maybe it’s already to buy it on eBay [laughs]” -Robert Pattinson

“I react to certain things because I’m too sensitive and I never want to offend anybody. I find it fascinating when there’s someone who’s not afraid to express their views out loud, not caring what other people say.” -Robert Pattinson, 15 a 20 Magazine, 2012

“I’ve never even worked with a director who shared his failed ideas, or the ideas he doesn’t really want to do, just in case.” -Robert Pattinson (about working with Bill Condon) – Cineplex magazine, 2012

“Toronto is one of my favourite cities. I had loads of fun there — and also because the people just kind of leave you alone. That’s something I really appreciate about Canada.” -Robert Pattinson – Cineplex magazine 2012

“It’s hard to make new friends because you always think they actually want something else.” -Robert Pattinson – Ciak magazine, 2012

“[at Comic Con] a girl approached me to ask if I felt comfortable being Prince Charming. I wasn’t able to convince her that it wasn’t me…” -Robert Pattinson – Ciak magazine 2012

“I haven’t read the books since we made the second movie because I have that sensation of: “this is what he [Edward] would do” -Robert Pattinson – Tu Chile 2012

“I’m trying to go for things which are slightly dangerous. I’m doing a movie in Iraq.” -Robert Pattinson, Interview with Brook Anderson, 2012

“I’m going to shoot with Cronenberg again, it’s incredible.” -Robert Pattinson, M6 interview, 2012

“If I could get any semblance, any more control, of my public image – that would be nice.” -Robert Pattinson, LA Press Junket Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2012

“It’s crazy how intense people are about this series. So I’m not sure how that will last, if there will be that tenacity in fifteen years.” -Robert Pattinson, LA Press Junket Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2012

“I feel like the last movie will get a better welcome. It was made for fans, it’s almost like a love letter to them. The film is funny, very tender and it doesn’t try to draw in an audience that isn’t his. You’ll see, this is exactly why it will please fans the most.” -Robert Pattinson, Premiere magazine 2012 (about Breaking Dawn part 2)

“The big guys love it when something like this becomes a franchise. As an actor, it’s scary. You really feel like you have no control. It’s a huge machine and it becomes part of the cultural landscape. It’s scary because you get trapped and you get scared of changing. And that’s the worst thing that can happen.” -Robert Pattinson, LA Press Junket Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2012

“It seems crazy but when I signed on for the first ‘Twilight’ movie, I was certain the sequels would never be made and that I was only committing for one movie.” -Robert Pattinson – Premiere Magazine 2012

“It was great to have multiple films to get used to and get into the character. It’s good to have multiple chances. It’s bad on the other hand because your ideas dry up sometimes and you get lazy sometimes because you’re around the same people. That was the good thing about having different directors, so you could stay on your toes.” -Robert Pattinson, LA Press Junket Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2012

“There was a good energy, people were fighting for it because they believed in it (the first film). So it felt like a big deal. It was really exciting, the first one. And the whole year afterwards.” -Robert Pattinson, LA Press Junket Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2012

“It lasted a long time and it’s done now, it’s complete, it’s kind of exciting.” -Robert Pattinson, M6 Interview 2012 (about Breaking Dawn part 2)

“I don’t know – people ask if I’m afraid of getting typecast, but you can’t be afraid of it. It’s not up to you. I’m getting parts where I don’t play a vampire. I don’t know if people will accept me in them, but there’s really nothing to be afraid of it.” -Robert Pattinson – LA Press Junket Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2012

“I haven’t seen that many vampire films/shows. I’m not a non fan, but it’s an unusual thing to be a fan of. It’s like, “I love zombie movies. I love zombies. I just love them.” It’s more of a psychological problem. [laughter]” -Robert Pattinson – LA Press Junket Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2012

“I really like Blade.” -Robert Pattinson – LA Press Junket Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2012

“‘The Rover’ is some sort of futuristic western that means a lot to me.” -Robert Pattinson, M6 interview, 2012

“We have become the most conservative people in the world. You can’t even raise your voice, because everything will affect your career.” -Robert Pattinson, Ciak Magazine, 2012

“Squamish [B.C., outside Vancouver] is an amazing place to shoot. It’s one of the best places I’ve ever worked because there’s no one around! You’re free to do whatever you want, basically.” -Robert Pattinson, Cineplex magazine 2012

“I quite like working with kids and animals, which everyone says you shouldn’t do. Because it makes you feel like you’re not acting – someone who’s just providing stuff to react to.” -Robert Pattinson, LA Press Junket Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2012

“It varies from day to day, kind of depending what I’ve eaten. [laughs]” -Robert Pattinson (about what the Robert Pattinson Scent is) – Interview with Brooke Anderson, 2012

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