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PICTURES of Robert Pattinson on ‘Le Grand Journal’ at the Cannes Film Festival   2 comments

Here are Fan, Media and MQ Pictures of Robert Pattinson on ‘Le Grand Journal’ at the Cannes Film Festival


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NEW Maps to the Stars BTS Video   Leave a comment

Rob in the beginning and end of the video.

Click on the screencap to watch



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NEW Cannes Portrait of Robert Pattinson + Interview with Le Parisien   3 comments


Google translate:

Post-apocalyptic western, “The Rover”, thats screened out of competition, takes place in the Australian outback. But the film caused a sensation at Cannes, thanks to it’s Hollywoodian cast: Guy Pearce (“LA Confidential”) and Robert Pattinson, star of “Twilight,” that play lawless men, struggling to survive.

Yesterday we met  also in Cannes for “Maps to the Stars,” by the Canadian David Cronenberg.

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New Pictures of Robert Pattinson in Cannes – Press Junket May 20   4 comments

New pictures of Robert Pattinson doing promo for The Rover and Maps to the Stars in Cannes



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INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson talks with AP with Quotes from Guy Pearce, Michôd and Cronenberg   2 comments

pattinsonlife (86)

For the past year, Robert Pattinson has been trying to disappear. He says he’s been actively avoiding having his photo taken, trying to erase a tabloid persona.

“I’m just trying to not be in stupid gossip magazines, basically, and I think the best way to do it is never be photographed ever,” says Pattinson. “As I get older, I just get more and more and more self-conscious about getting photographed. I don’t know why. I’ve done it too many times and now I feel like everyone can see through me.”

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Robert Pattinson on the cover of Variety’s and Les InRockuptibles Cannes edition   3 comments

NEW PIC Robert Pattinson and Julianne Moore on the cover of ‘Les InRockuptibles’ magazine – Specieal Cannes edition


UHQ scan of the Variety cover:


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The Wrap : Robert Pattinson’s Cannes Makeover   1 comment

Here’s a great article about Robert Pattinson’s ‘reinvention’

From The Wrappattinsonlife2

Cannes 2014: David Michod’s grimy road movie joins “Maps to the Stars” as an opportunity for indie-driven reinvention

After the last couple of days at Cannes, it’s easy to see why Robert Pattinson is on the cover of French Premiere with the headline “la metamorphose.”

The two movies that have brought Pattinson to the Croisette are weird, dark, supremely edgy and nothing like what we might expect from an actor who became famous as the vampire dude in the “Twilight” movies.

His reinvention (at least when he strays into the indie world) is indeed a metamorphosis. And Cannes has become an accessory to his intriguing makeover, which actually started a couple of years ago when he came to the festival with David Cronenberg’s austere and arty “Cosmopolis.”

This year, he’s back with Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars” and David Michod’s “The Rover” which premiered on back-to-back days at Cannes. Both are bloody, brutal and strange, and both are terrific.

And the remarkable thing is that “Maps to the Stars,” in which Pattinson plays a chauffeur driver and aspiring actor who ends up having sex with Julianne Moore in the back seat of his car before almost everybody in the whole movie self-destructs spectacularly, turns out to be only the runner-up in the competition to see which of Pattinson’s Cannes movies is darker and edgier.

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