Happy Birthday @SparksTP !!!!   4 comments

Dear Z,

From all the girls here at ToR: A very Happy Birthday and all the best wishes!

Hope you have a great day


More birthday wishes from your friends below!


Happy birthday Zoe! Hope you have a wonderful time with your friends and family. Hope you eat lots of cake and get lots of presents.  I’m grateful to be able to call you a friend.  Colin wanted to sing you happy birthday 😉 




Sweet Zoe! Me, Rob and Theo (FOUR!!) wish you a very very happy birthday and hope you have an amazing day with your loved ones. You’re one amazing lady and a lovely braintwin 🙂 Thank you for being you and hope your birthday wishes come true! Love ya!

Sim xxx

Dear Zoe!  Today is the day! The day we’ve all been waiting for. It’s Ian McKellen’s birthday!


Let’s wish him a happy one.. oh wait, wrong blog.
Happy birthday Zoe! Hope you have a great day filled with great music, food and fun! I’m happy to call you my friend and one day I’m gonna visit you so we can watch all the movies, read all the books and sipping all the cocktaisl 😉

Love ya,


Happy birthday, Zoe! May your day be filled with cake. And Rob. But mostly cake. Because you can eat it. You can’t eat Rob. You can only look at him. And it would really blow to have to look at cake and not eat it. So… yay cake!

Dear Lost city of Z,

Okay I don’t know where that came from but….

I Want to wish you a very happy Bday with loads of cake and Four and Rob And stroopwafels because what’s a party without stroopwafels.. (okay they happen pretty often overhere but sssh don’t tell anyone we eat Stroopwafels all day everyday)

Lots of love and hugs and kissses..

D, Daph, Daphne

Dear Z,

Happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing day filled with lots of Rob and Theo! It was lovely to meet you a few weeks ago and I’ll see you in a few weeks so we can sob our way through a box of tissues while watching TFioS.

Love Janine


Dear Zoe,

Sending you the best of wishes for your birthday. I hope it is filled with love, laughter, happiness and a little Rob 😉

It has been a pleasure getting to know you this year, and I cannot wait to see what the next one brings us.

Take Care,




Happy Birthday!! May your day be filled with bubbly and cake.
Natalie xx

Happiest of Birthdays, Zoe, my friend! Hope the year ahead is wonderful and full of lots of good times. xoxo

Chica’s Happy Birthday Song.

Happy birthday Z I hope you have an awesome day .


Dearest Zoe,

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! I hope you have a wonderful day full of all the things that make you happy.

Keep it classy, though.


*tosses confetti*


z bday bear


To our darling Spanky-spark:
Wishing you a super fantastic birthday and hoping that one day we get to celebrate in person! I send my love and a little bit of Roberto!
Much love,



Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Zoe
Happy Birthday to you!

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of laughs and love.

Kirsty x


Happy Birthday Zoe hope you have an awesome day.

Hugs and smooches

Sam (LadyFairyPants)

Z birthday

Happy birthday Zoe.

I hope you have a great day and get spoiled rotten like you do every other year ;).

Lots of love, Jan

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  1. No lie, I specifically scrolled through this post just to find Meg’s picture. Because her artwork is always so bloody epic LMAO 😀

  2. Happy Birthday, Zelda!!! (You should really tell these people that’s your real name!) lol

    Have a wonderful day filled with tea and tiaras and tasty treats! I’m looking forward to the next sleepover…you’re older now so you’ll definitely fall asleep first! *prepares sharpie to draw a moustache*

    Luv ya!!!

  3. BONNE FÊTE !!! 😀 Best wishes, Have fun !

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