Old Clip from ‘The Rover’ featuring Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce now in better quality   Leave a comment

Here’s a new clip from ‘The Rover’ featuring Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce


From Vulture:

Guy Pearce is introduced to Robert Pattinson for the first time in this clip from the new film The Rover, directed by David Michod (Animal Kingdom), but the scene could also serve as Pattinson’s reintroduction to the public: Never before have we seen the Twilight star step this far out of his cinematic wheelhouse. As the dirty, bloody Rey, Pattinson impresses in this post-apocalyptic Aussie thriller, which finds his two-bit thief reluctantly teaming up with lone wolf Eric (Guy Pearce) to track down Rey’s criminal brother, who has left both men in the lurch. Together, they’ll have to navigate an unforgiving Aussie wasteland in a future world set ten years after a great economic collapse, which leaves every hard-bitten survivor fending for himself and turns Australia into an unfamiliar and dangerous third-world nightmare. Press play for a sneak preview of Pattinson’s new act — trust us, that’s him under the scuffed-up look, unflattering buzz-cut, and gurgling Southern drawl — and catch the full thing this Friday, when The Rover debuts in theaters.

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