Pics: Robert Pattinson attending the VMAs – 13/09/2009   14 comments

Pics of Robert Pattinson at the VMAs


More pics after the jump!





Source: Team Twilighters and source & Pattinson Life

14 responses to “Pics: Robert Pattinson attending the VMAs – 13/09/2009

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  3. ok, getting up for the vma´s at 2 am was not exactly rewarding, well at least i got so pissed at kanye west i managed to stay awake…

  4. hey guys i have a question. you know how kristen whipsered in taylors ear? well i think its good that she whipser in robs ear because like the fans and press and everybody will be talking about it! dont you think?? like they will say something like “OMG what do u think kristen whispered to rob?” OR “there totally dating!” do u guys know what i mean? am i making any sense? im a huge fan. im just saying! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Short, but sweet appearance. Loved Kristen’ hair. Kanye is and always will be an egotistical idiot. Beyonce is a class act for giving Taylor Swift her moment back.

  6. It looks like they just came in to introduce the trailer and then left, right? I never saw them in the audience or on the red carpet.

    • Yep, that about sums up their night. A whole 3 minutes. They would have been better off not going at all and leaving Taylor and Ashley present.

      • I agree or, they could have filmed an intro from the set or something. There was no reason for them to go all the way to NY to just be there for such a shor time.

    • i hate that im upset by all this but im gonna vent here. we’ve been all atwittered about seeing rob at the vmas and after the al the hype…its was an extreme let down. i agree with FP…they might as well sent Taylor and Ashley…and i am soooo not close to Team Jacob. I’d rather have stomach poisoning…get how much im not a Jacob fan? But he and Ashley came out for the fans. I love Rob endlessly but you coulda just stayed in vancity for this. OR…it shouldnt have been talked about…kristen and rob should have been kept secret and then it would have felt like a cameo. but for there to be talk about their appearance, seat charts, etc….and then nothing but the stage thing…heartbreaking. and kristen looked gorg!!!! too freakin bad we couldnt see that fit on the carpet. it looked fierce. they didnt have to do interviews…how hard was it to walk a carpet? *sigh* im sad…and clearly bitter. i dont like watching this teeny shit just so i can see Rob and clearly i shouldnt have bothered. *sigh again* this was very frustrating. i really dont understand it. again…i would have not let it get out i was coming and let it be a surprise. they didnt get caught at any airports so clearly they know how to hide effectively now. UGH! i gotta get off my soapbox….*still sighing* my loyalty has not been swayed remotely…but im greatly disappointed with how this was promoted and what took place. im gonna go reminisce with 2008 Rob. *disgruntled fan held hostage by undying love for rob*

  7. It appears I did the right thing not staying up last night. I’m not going to get caught up in all the hoopla over how long he was on stage for. But let me say this. His grandads pyjama top? Seriously Rob, did the boys have NOTHING you could borrow?
    I love him even more now.

  8. in terms of the photos, and even though there has been a significant lack there of, sometimes less is more eh?

    these are lovely shots.
    Cheers FP

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