A sneekpeak inside the New Moon Movie Companion   7 comments

Here’s a sneakpeak of the New Moon Movie Companion. A huge thanks to Robstenlovex for sending this to us!

Updated with more pics!!

33302976More pics and a vid after the jump!

You can purchase your New Moon movie companion here

Thanks RPLife 

7 responses to “A sneekpeak inside the New Moon Movie Companion

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  3. Oh my gosh, I am SO excited to see this movie!! And I love this song “Breathe Me”. It always reminds me of Cheshire High School and their winterguard show. Summit really should have put this on the soundtrack. So many people use this song on their fanvids. It’s beautiful.

  4. Thankk youu so much!!!! I can’t wait to get this!!! You can see the hard work of everyone and Chris did an amazing job! I think they should have wait until the movie to sell this because practically you know what to expect now and some people might not be comfortable with this but it’s a way to caught people attention and get them more excited! hehe I know this is going to break Twilight’s record and hopefully Summit will understand that we want to see the saga until the end!


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