Midnight Sun fanmade video – Part 3   26 comments

Here is the 3rd part of DarkSoulVamp‘s Midnight Sun vid series. We already posted the first 2 parts here . She’s currently working on the 4th part.

26 responses to “Midnight Sun fanmade video – Part 3

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  1. bla-bla-bla… simple romantic story for young teenagers.

  2. Hi warlock! ASL? Lets make a ‘simple romantic story for young teenagers’ of our own *wink wink*

  3. lmfao at the reaction to this retard—ladies, allow me to change the subject back to DarkSoulVamp’s Midnight Sun, part 3, video—this is one of the most brilliant takes on the Twilight Saga that i’ve seen so far—a truly impressive piece of work—look forward to part 4 & thank ToR for the posting—<3

  4. Love these Midnight Sun fanvids. Such a different point of view from Edward’s perspective. I truly hope Stephenie Meyer finishes it.

    And to the troll who invaded our happy place – you don’t even want to know how OLD I am! LOL! 🙂

    • I hope she finishes it too! I think it’s funny that someone makes such a broad stereotypical comment. Obviously he is just jealous.

  5. Just wanted to add that the music and the video totally capture the essence of Edward in “Midnight Sun”. Brilliant!

  6. @ warlock6 Dude, you were probably goggling your name (which happens to be Rob), You must”ve shat in your pants when you came across Thinking of Rob! Move on buddy, you’re not even F*** ING CLOSE!

    The vid’s are amazing! I LOVE Midnight Sun. Can’t wait for part 4.
    Thank you FP for posting!

  7. These videos are amazing! I can’t wait for the next one!

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