Tim Gunn calls Robert Pattinson “sloppy”   16 comments

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Don’t expect Tim Gunn to be heaping accolades on Robert Pattinson for his fashion sense anytime soon.

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Celebuzz caught up with Project Runway mentor Gunn at the Marshalls “Shop Till It Stops” anti-domestic violence event in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday and asked him the question that’s on everybody’s mind: What does he think about Twilight heartthrob  Pattinson landing a spot on People magazine’s best-dressed list?

Gunn opined,

“Robert Pattinson…It’s a look. It’s a style. I mean, he could…he could be stunning, but I think it’s a little sloppy for my taste.”

Cue mass Twi-hard indignation in 3…2…1…

So if Pattinson isn’t Gunn’s cup of tea, who does he think does deserve the title of best-dressed man?

According to Gunn,

“I love George Clooney‘s look. I think Justin Timberlake always looks great.”


Source: Celebuzz

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16 responses to “Tim Gunn calls Robert Pattinson “sloppy”

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  2. lets be fair guys he DID say he could be stunning (duh we know) and we all make fun of his YES sloppiness but we love him all the more for it! I just wanna help him wipe the cupcake stains off his jeans and fix his buttons by unbuttoning the rest.

  3. Well, Rob obviously did NOT deserve the spot on that list LMAO I thought it was a joke when I first read it. But I like him sloppy *yum*

  4. Well, duh, Tim. Rob is a laid-back, 23yo guy. If he wasn’t a famous actor, his ass would be hanging on his mom’s couch, in his mis-buttoned, plaid, flannel shirt and dirty jeans. Personally, I think it is nice to see he likely hasn’t changed one iota from normal life. But I do not disagree with you, Tim. Nope.

  5. Remember the Oscars? Inglorious Basterds red carpet at Cannes? We have seen Rob “cleaned up” in a tux and it was STUNNING! I think he looks great in EVERYTHING!

  6. Rob doesn`t care

  7. Rob must be very upset by the news…..LOL

  8. He prob. got on that best dressed because he cleans up so well and can rock a tux like no body’s business. And mainly though he is the new IT boy and People mag. wants to make sure everyone knows they will be putting him in.

    • True, he can rock a tux. I think it was also to sell mags. Seems everyone is putting him in the mag even for a little story just so people will buy it.

  9. i’m with brown—LOL

  10. so what? yes, he is and we love that, he has such a personality and style that he looks wonderful, always, no matter what.
    And that sloppiness is part of his charm, of his honest and authentic nature.
    And yeah!!! In a tux… OMG , sexy as hell.

  11. As Rob says in one of my favorite interviews “who cares?” 🙂

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