Old/new pics of Robert Pattinson in Mexico   23 comments

A person who reads our blog and follows us on Twitter sent us these pictures, of Robert Pattinson in Mexico, taken by someone closely related to her, who is a photographer. They’ve never been published before and they are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sending these to us. She asked me not to reveal her name which I respect.


More pics after the jump!

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23 responses to “Old/new pics of Robert Pattinson in Mexico

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  2. Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SexyMexiRob!!!!! *and the crowd goes wild*

  4. Gorgeous Pics…Thanks so much 🙂

  5. They totally went wild for him in Mexico, and still are!

  6. sad sausage, in the top one 😦
    NICE though 😀

  7. love the first image so much.his always adorable even when he looks tired.i just so love rob.thank you for the pictures.

  8. ♥MEXIROB♥!!!!!!!

    OMG!!! I have only two of these and one was tiny and sucky quality!

    ¡Tiene la llave de mi corazón, Sr. Rob! ¡Muchos besos!

  9. i miss his big messy hair..so sexy!

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  11. These are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    @tinkrbe1l3 – Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

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  13. These are great! I saw these on another site but they were so tiny. How do you get them so huge? They’re gorgeous!

  14. AWESOME gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing them

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