UHQ Robward and Bella still from New Moon   10 comments

Twitter died… it looks like it died for real this time. Did Rob join twitter or something? Okay that’s a joke, don’t take it word for word. I’m pretty sure Rob did not, I repeat did not join Twitter. While we’re talking about Twitter (well anyways I was) someone linked me to this cool page where you type in your name and you can see who updated in the people you follow. Not that anyone is posting anything except “Did Twitter die?” “TwitterFail” right now, but here you go anyways http://t4bp.com/index.html

So in the meantime while we’re all bored and looking at our screens refreshing, here’s a UHQ still of Robward and Bella. I’m not overly fond of this pic… just saying.


Source: RP Source

10 responses to “UHQ Robward and Bella still from New Moon

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  1. *raises hand*
    That’d be me – “#TwitterFail”
    Reading the article by Dave O right now!
    At least I’ve got you to save me FP!

  2. Beautiful! I wouldn’t mind taking either of there places for what looks like might happen next 😉

  3. How did I exist before Twitter? Seriously.
    This is just WEIRD. I’m actually at work… doing work.
    Except for right now obviously because here I am.
    Hmmm… lmao
    It’s like #shirtlessrob day when Twitter broke!
    I’m amusing myself… not by ‘playing my own trumpet’ but by remembering that fateful day on Twitter.
    That was a good day.

    You should repost the #shirtlessrob pics from Italy while we’re all waiting on news and Twitter to fix. Just a thought.

  4. sorry, but the photo is awful … edwards looks like some kind of transvestite or clown .. much too much make up 😦

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