Gossip Cop debunks Remember Me ending rumour   10 comments


There was a rumour going around the internet and Twitter that Summit had changed the ending to Remember. Thankfully Gossip Cop investigated and the rumour is untrue. (Huge sigh of relief over here)

Here’s the article from Gossip Cop:

Rumors spread online today that Summit Entertainment has elected to change the ending to Robert Pattinson’s upcoming film, “Remember Me.” Gossip Cop does not want to spoil any plot points. But since the alleged alteration was lighting up message boards, we looked into it and asked a source inside Summit for comment.

We were assured by a rep that claims of a major change are “absolutely not true.”

If rumors persist, we will do our best to further clear up any confusion.

Source: Gossip Cop

10 responses to “Gossip Cop debunks Remember Me ending rumour

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  3. I still dont understand the fascination that people have with this gossip site.
    Rob’s fansites, twilight fansites, and fanbase have become their bussiness. They live feeding obvious answers to us, they are not oracle of delphi, they are gossip.
    Stop giving them so much credit.

  4. Michael Lewittes
    google them…

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