Un-tagged pic of Robert Pattinson – Tu Magazine cover   4 comments

This one was HARD to detag. ALOT of tags on this one, so it may not look the best. It’s not HQ either so it doesn’t help, I should be getting the HQ scans from someone soon therefore I’ll be able to detag the HQ version.


Posted October 10, 2009 by justfp in Photoshoots, Robert Pattinson

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4 responses to “Un-tagged pic of Robert Pattinson – Tu Magazine cover

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  2. Gorgeous! Looks like a painting!

  3. You’re pretty kool for Hollywood skool, not only finding this pic but also detagging it. Rock on this blogsite! Wow!!! Go you.

    I was reflecting on how Robert Pattinson still needs to grow into the translate fame into humanitarian purposes role, so he can enjoy his fame a bit more, by giving back.
    Shakira is a good example, of how she’s lifted Pattinson and Stewart’s Twilight New Moon fame, with a She-Wolf interpretation of Rob’s filmic wolf-pack lad peers and is trying to spin that into PR right now to feed the hungry. Here’s a link to Shakira’s marketing in ID magazine for Robert Pattinson and Shakira fans if interested.

    Again, thanks for a great pic. Nice blog!!!

    Click on the link to see Shak rock it out.

  4. Great Job it looks amazing!!!!!

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