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Rivals in New Moon, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are, in reality friends. Together, they reflect on the filming of the saga and on their new life as stars tracked by fans and paparazzi.

Both of you have very devoted fans. But have they become too intrusive?

Taylor Lautner: I believe that Robert and I have very different experiences concerning our relationship with the fans. As far as I’m concerned, I still credit them with Twilight. Without their support, the producers would have without a doubt replaced me for the role of Jacob after the first film.

Robert Pattinson: I remember that before the release of the first film, the fans hated me. On the internet I only read bad critiques of myself and it was really difficult to feel all this hate. Back then director Catherine Hardwicke had forbidden me from reading what people said about me on the web. I told her that it was my mother who sent me the links to the forums where they criticized me. Then she advised me to boycott all the emails that my mother sent me! [laughs] All that to say that the frenzy that I spark today doesn’t make me forget the horrors that I read about myself online.

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We’ve heard the stories that certain fans act poorly on the filming of New Moon…

Robert: Usually, the majority of them are happy just to watch us film or just get an autograph. But some of them are crazy and recently it’s Taylor who gets them excited…

Taylor: oh yeah, it’s really embarrassing. A forty year old woman insisted on pulling down her pants so that I could sign her! On top of that, my name was printed on her underwear, so that was really strange! Unfortunately, you can’t expect that from all the Twilight fans…

Taylor, you hated the wig that you had to wear in the first film. And yet, it’s still present in the second!

Taylor: Unfortunately I still had to wear the cursed wig in the first part of the film. Even so I have to admit that it is more realistic and makes my head itch less than the first one did. At the beginning of New Moon, we see Jacob as we’ve always known him, friendly, nice, and a little clumsy. But when Jacob transforms physically and truly becomes a werewolf, I finally wear short hair. I don’t believe that Jacob would have been able to seduce Bella with that horrible wig! [laughs]

Robert: I almost had to wear long hair in Twilight, too. During rehearsals, Catherine Hardwicke had the idea that Edward should have a very romantic look with long hair flying in the wind, you know the kind. So she had me get extensions. I sat still for eight hours while a hairstylist put extensions in place and I hated the final result. Fortunately, Catherine respected my opinion and I didn’t film like that.

What is your favorite scene in New Moon?

Taylor: The one where Jacob declares his love to Bella in an indirect manner by making her understand that they can no longer be friends. He just transformed into a werewolf and he cut his hair in order to mark his change/evolution. Then Jacob announces to Bella that they can’t stay friends any longer because he likes her too much and hates Edward who is his sworn enemy because he is a vampire.

Robert: Me, I loved all the hallucination scenes with Bella that are very stylized. Edward is semi-absent in the book because the action focuses on Bella and Jacob. The screenwriters have added some dream-like scenes where Bella imagines that she is followed by Edward. I had the opportunity to play another role and it was very interesting to show a more dangerous and sinister side.

Robert have you regretted being less present at the filming?

Robert: On the contrary, it allowed me to rest. It was one of the most restful roles that I’ve ever played! [laughs] It’s true that I had the opportunity to play a sort of different role, but it was essential that the audience had the time to appreciate Jacob. They had to feel the effects of the break-up and her hesitation between her desire for Edward and her love/friendship with Jacob.

During the first three months, it was a job without stress. All the pressure was on Taylor’s shoulders.

Taylor: That’s true, and it was a great responsibility. That said, I had the impression that the fans would have loved any actor who portrayed Jacob because the character is truly nice. I am simply lucky to be the one that was chosen.Taylor, your physical transformation is spectacular.

Was it difficult?

Taylor: It demanded a lot of work, but I saw it as a challenge, and as I rose to the challenge, I appreciated all these efforts. My main goal was not to deceive the fans and those who had confidence in me. And on top of that, I loved to play the werewolf.

Robert: You impressed all of us on the film set. Your physical transformation really had us glued. In a few weeks, you changed yourself into a mountain of muscles! I hate doing sports, and I never would have gotten there!Christ Weitz succeeded Catherine Hardwicke.

In what ways is he different from her?

Taylor: Catherine was very funny and we laughed a lot with her. Chris is a lot more calm and concentrates more. Catherine was a ball of energy compared to Chris who is very zen. Though in spite of this, his attitude is very detached. He strives to work quickly and well. It’s surprising how effective he is without ever raising his voice.

Robert: Chris has a lot of talent and I found his presence very relaxing. We hit it off.

How has filming gone with the newly hired actors in New Moon?

Taylor: Filming with the new actors who play the werewolves of the Quileute tribe was a real pleasure. In the first film, I felt a little alone compared to the vampires, who formed a close-knit group. So then I had my own tribe, in some way. All the actors were nice and we often went out together after filming so that our bond on the screen had a more natural feel. We really became friends and I believe you can see that in the film.

What scenes were the most difficult to film?

Taylor: All the scenes that I filmed during March in Vancouver while it snowed! [laughs] The weather didn’t spare us. Over the course of the weeks, the sun peeked out, but, when we filmed in spring, the temperatures were freezing and I had to film without a shirt on and pretend like I wasn’t freezing to death.

Robert: Even though they are my favorite scenes, the visions that Bella has are very difficult to put into place. They are greatly reinforced with special effects. I was constantly filmed in front of a green screen and integrated into the action after Kristen filmed the scene. My movements were calibrated to the millimeter and it was very complicated. But on the screen, the result is impressive.

Did you do your own stunts?

Taylor: I did them whenever it was possible, because I love that. In particular the motorcycle scenes. In the first part of the film, I fall a lot in order to show how clumsy Jacob was before his transformation to a werewolf. These scenes aren’t dangerous but very repetitive and it’s possible to sprain something. I must say that my experience in martial arts helped me a lot because the first thing that you learn in that sport is to fall. So I tumbled, stumbled again and again without hurting myself. Then I had the opportunity to show at what point Jacob had become agile after his transformation to a werewolf. Fortunately, I did the majority of my stunts or else you would have seen my stunt double on the screen the majority of the time!

Are there aspects of your character that irritate you?

Robert: It bothers me that people continue to describe Edward as a romantic hero. He is much more complex than that. On top of that, usually, the hero saves the damsel in distress in the classic stories. And yet, on the contrary it’s Bella who saves his life in the majority of the books. Edward needs Bella more than she needs him. At least, Bella can always count on Jacob. Edward doesn’t have anyone else to turn to…

Taylor: Playing someone who ends up being rejected by Bella isn’t an easy role. If I could, I would have re-written the script so that Team Jacob wins this fight! [laughs] But in reality, I can’t complain about being Jacob. In New Moon, I have the opportunity to play two roles in a certain way. Jacob is so different before and after his transformation that it’s like I play another person.

How do you put up with the constant attention from the paparazzi?

Taylor: I don’t believe that someone can ever really get used to it., because it isn’t normal to see people photograph your every little move. You just have to try to not pay attention to them. That said, I’m not as tracked as Rob…

Robert: It isn’t clear to me, I can’t sort it all out. I haven’t found a place in the world yet where I can disappear. Even in the most removed corners, someone always ends up asking me to take a photo with them. That makes me feel like I work non-stop. At least on set the level of security allows me some intimacy. It’s a relief. But I’ve found ways to cope/ways to have fun, like using a fake name at the hotels where I stay. In Paris, for example, I call myself Mr. Handjob, that makes me die laughing! [laughs]

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