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A huge thanks to Gossip_Dance for the scans and translation as well as to Maria Lindholm.  Both ROBsessed and Random Acts of Rob got mentioned in it.  That’s awesome! So happy for you 🙂

Elle Rob

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Robert Pattinson

article by Maria Lindholm
photo Theo Wenner, All over press, Bulls

I´m meeting Robert Pattinson at a restaurant along the Croisette in Cannes. The film company hasn´t disclosed time and place until the day before but somewhere it leaks. A gossip blogger tweets about it and hours before the worlds hottest and most hunted 23-year old is in the house fans and paparazzi gather around the place.

They have bodyguards in every corner of the restaurant. Groups of girls try to sneak in from the beach, someone extra brave jumps into the water and tries to swim to the restaurant’s private beach. A guard stops them, but they stay in the sand and try to get pictures of the star with their digital cameras. There is no chance they can see Rob, he is hidden in a huge white plastic egg-shaped chair. He is here to talk about New moon, the sequel to Twilight


I have, out of free will, taken a deep dive into the Twilight world of fandom, all the homemade Youtube videos, the blogs, the stories. But the unexpectedly tall Robert Pattinson is both more puppy-ish, shyer – and nicer than I could ever think.

– All the screaming is just crazy, he says about the fans. They would never scream if they were alone, it´s the peer pressure.

But the fans behaviour a side – he sits a few inches away and you can´t stop watching him. He is incredible photogenic. His facial expressions shifts quickly from childish and embarrassed when he laughs out loud and looks down (which he does a lot), to a clownish face with wide eyes and raised eyebrows to the next second pull his hand through his hair and shoot you a sideways glance totally worthy of his newly found super sexy hunk status (many magazines have already voted him sexiest man alive).

Before Twilight, Robert Pattinson had only made a few indie movies apart from his character as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. He was on his way to give up on acting completely after Little Ashes, a spanish low-budget movie about where he portraits Salvador Dalí. Instead he wanted to dedicate himself to his music- he write and sings his own tunes (two of them were used for the Twilight soundtrack) in a Van Morrison/Jeff Buckley-spirit. His American agent got him to go to La for auditions, including, funny enough, for the True blood vampire series where Alexander Skarsgård is starring, but he was dismissed. He auditioned for Twilight opposite Kristen Stewart at the home of director Catherine Hardwicke. By all the ones who had auditioned, Kristen felt immediately that Rob was the obvious choice, and so it was. From the beginning the book fans was appalled by the choice, but they quickly changed their minds. At the series and film convention Comicon last year the actors participated in a seminar and the pressure from people in the auditorium was so huge that Rob described the feeling as “standing infront of the hell gates”.

– Then I was terrified. The sound of all the screaming was like nothing I had heard before, it was indescribable. Now I can accept it, but then I was very afraid.

He says he was surprised how strong the twilight phenomenon is, that the interest never seem to fade.

Wherever I go, people scream. You can never prepare for something like that. But my goal in life was never to get people to scream for me, if it was I would be crazy now, or a real asshole. Now it just feels like a joke. There is nothing in my contract about having to wave at the fans, so i don´t do it, he says and laughs.

Other guys around his age is either Disney made ones who always has to smile and answer polite (Zac Efron) or selfconfident ones (Shia LaBeouf). Rob looks like an alpha male, but- in interview situations atleast- he acts like a guy who just about gets to hang with the cool gang. He has something lika a Håkan Hellström-in-his-early-career hanging over him (Håkan Hellström swedish pop artist). Unguarded, super nice, but a bit insecure.

– I’m nervous, if it gets to silent in en interview I just want to cry. I always agree when someone criticizes me, it’s is much easier to take in.

And indeed, in every interview where anybody says anything disparaging, he goes along, for instance about his character Edward- “I don’t understand what girls see in him, if you met him in real life you’d think he was an axe murderer“. At the same time it’s difficult not to be charmed by an obviously nice looking and talented guy that doesn’t seems to realize that himself. He hates to see himself in the movies. Ten minutes before the premiere of Twilight he had a panic-attack and left the theater. But it looks like the reality has caught up with him.

He seems to have understood his new reality now.

– I have to accept the situation. I cant fight it. I was driving myself a little crazy a few months back (remember this interview was conducted made in May), I was paranoid over everything. But when finally I was back on set, starting to film New moon, it felt okay again. That’s what I am going to do now, continue working. I am booked for nearly 2 years now and will not have the time to try to live a ”normal” life, or the life I had before. Because it doesn´t work. I can´t go to any of the places I used to go to, there are people coming up to me all the time.

How does that feel?

– Annoying. But things have to change. You can´t just never change.

Do you have a lot of crazy fans?

– One out of a hundred? One girl sent a cake to my parents’ house every third day for six months.

How did she get your address?!

– No idea! I live out of three suitcases in different hotels so fans tend to send my parents a lot of stuff, he says and laughs again.

( Stuff about his looks, style, all the actresses that said they love him)

Gozde, a 32 year old doctor of biochemistry puts five hours a day into one of the biggest Robert Pattinson fansites, Robsessed. She says the love is easy to explain:

– He looks like a Greek God but acts like a dorky shy guy that would start to stutter if you talked to him. He is very funny and smart. It’s irresistible!

(Stuff about him not having a girlfriend, but that he dated Nina Schubert some years back, the Robsten rumours)

Whether or not Rob and Kristen are more than friends we don´t know, but it is certain that they are close.

– Kristen have gone through exactly the same thing as me this year. She is the only person that can relate to me on the same level.

You understand each other?

– Yes, we were good friends from the beginning and she is really cool and a great actress. I´d like to work with her on other projects too but I don´t think we can now, at least for a while. I think she is the best actress of her generation. And that´s after reading with loads of them recently, haha.

In an earlier interview (GQ) Rob confessed he reads about himself online, even fanficiton. (… shortened this passage)

Do you read about yourself online?

– Sometimes I do … but it’s a really bad idea to do it, really bad. You poison your brain doing it, there is nothing good coming out of it, you either get paranoid or really vain and shallow.

(…about how terrible his summer was with all the papz on set, MTV movie awards, ComicCon again, Teen choice awards etc.)

If you had known the immense success of Twilight would you have done anything different?

– If I literally could go back and do it again, I would try to do it better. I had wanted to be better.

Source: Gossip_ Dance , ROBsessed and Maria Lindholm check out her site! She’ll be putting up the audio of the interview in the coming days.

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  2. Thank you :))) We appreciate the love and love you back :))

  3. So cool. ❤ ya gurl!

  4. hello im not a insane fan … lol just wanted to say for Rob that well yes you are a good actor i honestly think you do a good job i know that fan’s it must seem frustrating at times . But i bet you pull through at the end of the day but the music the movies that come out must be a great sucsses for you. dont give up the great work Rob !!!!

    I can’t wait till the eclipse and breaking dawn comes out im excited to see them i cant wait till kristen stewart ( bella ) has the baby that is my most favourite part in the book breaking dawn ….. Sara .T.

  5. Edward is an ideal mixture of nobility, charm & mystery. It’s a pity he’s not real. Good wishes to R. Pattinson to benefit by the present situation and to show his best in future designs

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