Robert Pattinson in Jeopie Magazine-Belgium   13 comments

And I’m died….


Source: RPattz Daily VIA ROBsessed

Posted October 16, 2009 by justchristy in Photoshoots, Robert Pattinson

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13 responses to “Robert Pattinson in Jeopie Magazine-Belgium

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  2. My uterus just clenched. And I spontaneously ovulated. I’m probably pregnant now. Great. How am I going to explain this to The Man?? “Well, honey, I know that I have an IUD, but Rob’s stare and smirk are obviously way more powerful. And yes, he has supersperm, because he can impregnate without even being in the same country!!”

    yeah, that would go over well.

    Damn you Rob. Damn you.

    Gimme more.

  3. sweet

  4. OH ROB. DAMN is there a more perfect creature, I think not..

  5. V, I just laughed my ass off at your post!

    Damn, just a little lower and we’d see The V!!!


  6. Jesus, I think I just died. I think the hipbone is taunting me! Holy crap is that hot.

  7. MMM i like it 😉

  8. If I was much younger and single, I would want a wall mural of that photo. 🙂

    Heck, I want one anyway!!!

  9. Me again. He kinda looks like he woke up from a nap, and is stretching…awwww, stretchy Rob! And I don’t even mind that he looks younger, because he has a wee bit of meat on his bones here. Don’t want ’em toooo skinny!

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