Robert Pattinson in Joepie Magazine-Belgium – Full Scans   24 comments

Ermm only problem is I wish I could put the two pieces together…



Source: RpattzDaily thank Melainii for the tip!

Posted October 16, 2009 by justfp in Photoshoots, Robert Pattinson

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24 responses to “Robert Pattinson in Joepie Magazine-Belgium – Full Scans

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  1. ugh cant speak

  2. cant breath *-*

  3. Can I haz a taste o’ de Hip….PLEASE??????

  4. OH DEAR GOOD!!!!! dnt think i can take any more! I want 2 b lying rite wiv him!!!!! Bloody hot!!!

  5. I’z gonna pull off his unnies wiz my teef…….

  6. i think I’mma pass out. Yep, *thud*

  7. You all sound like Kayne LOL

  8. Died.

  9. :dies ded:


  10. Also, we need this HQ….STAT!!!

  11. please credit rpattzdaily for it!



  14. yep, now we really need this in HQ

  15. i think i jus went in2 epliptic shock

  16. X_X my body heat has offically just risen18493792 degrees hotter than normal. problem. gah thanks to this picture 0_o drooooool *closes mouth*

  17. i totally just gasped, out loud, at work with a huge image of RP on my screen – im totally fired and i dont care.

  18. OME!!! i litterally was holding my breath …. i like gasped and then held my breath ‘sighs’ hes so gorgeous!!!

  19. Seriously OMG don’t u just like want to be on top of him right now … ooooohhh its so sexy!!! all the people who dont think hes hot are INSANE!!!!!! ur missing out!!!!…

  20. i have to say more OMFG!!! hes so sexy!! i feel like i just died and went to Rob heaven.. lol.. that would be GREAT BTW !! how could u not want him… ???hes gorgeous, sexy, talented ooooohhhhh i love this pic i wish i had him!!

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