We’re giving away prizes – ToR Contest

I made a deal with TheShagDaddy this morning that we could reach 4,500 followers on Twitter by tomorrow. He didn’t believe me. So we’re taking him up on his challenge. Here’s what were going to do. If ToR reaches 4,500 followers on Twitter by tomorrow  midnight Eastern time we’ll be giving out 5 prizes.

Update: AmberRMW from Rob My World  has united with us against her husband. If we win she’ll be making him do something embarassing and filming him. We’ll be posting the video here on ToR. She’s asking what would you like to see theShagDaddy do? She’ll be making a special blog post tomorrow regarding the bet so make sure to check her site out here

Here the list Amber came up with


That’s just a screenshot so you can’t vote here. You have to go on her blog here to vote. Go! 😉

The contest is open to everyone worldwide.

Please only post your comment once. Sometimes we have to approuve them and it takes a few minutes

Here are the rules:

#1 order to enter you have to follow us on twitter:  http://twitter.com/ThinkingofRob

#2 you have to post a comment in the comment section below with your twitter username.  Please only post once in the comments and don’t forget to add your twitter username.

We’ll be using a random number generator http://www.random.org/integers/ to chose the winners in the comments below. So you have to leave a comment.


There’s 5 prizes in total. Here’s what we’re giving away:

#1 Prize New Moon Cardboard Robward cutout (Life size)


#2 Four copie of Premiere magazine

2 (2) 

You can check the scans here

The deadline to enter this contest is tomorrow (Friday) night 12:00AM Eastern Time

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