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A huge thank to ROBsessed for the following as well as the text below:

They interviewed Kristen, Taylor, Ashley and Dakota.
I think they did the interview a few months ago after shooting in Italy, but there isn’t a precise date. The journalist says that she interviewed Kristen in a hotel room in California. They don’t say anything new/interesting, just a few questions about their careers, their characters in NM and if they enjoyed shooting in Montepulciano.
Rob is only briefly mentioned in a question asked to Kristen.
Q: I saw teenage girls with ‘team Edward’ or ‘team Jacob’ written on their shirts. Which character do you prefer between the two?
K: I love them both. With Taylor, we just don’t think, we have fun and that’s all. What I like of Robert’s character is the constant sexual tension, the thought that ‘I trust you but I know that you’re a vampire and could kill me’.
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Source: ROBsessed

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