LostImortal’s vids and her Youtube account   12 comments

LostImortal’s Youtube account was deleted by Youtube a few days ago. Wondering who LostImortal is? She makes some of the best Rob vids like the ones below. She also posted the How to Be casting vids.  I suggest you subscribe on Youtube. You can subscribe to her new account here.  Here are a few of her vids. I’m glad she made a new account and started re-uploading her vids.

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Posted October 19, 2009 by justfp in Fan Vids, Robert Pattinson

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12 responses to “LostImortal’s vids and her Youtube account

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  2. The “Our Brightest Star” vid is one of my favorites of hers! It makes me all verklempt. She had it set to private for a while, so I’m happy to see it back.

  3. I LOVE her vids and was so sorry to see her account deleted!

  4. Wait, why did they delete her account??

  5. Thank you for posting these! I love her videos and now I can “favorite” them again. I hate going to my youtube account and finding that the videos are not available anymore. Whoever yanks these great videos should realize that she is doing everyone a favor by publicizing him and all the work he’s done.

  6. Another vote for “Our Brightest Star”. Perfect song, perfect video, makes me want to cry every time.

  7. Gosh, does this mean that if I share it on Facebook, she’ll get in trouble again? I love to share my favorite fanvids on Facebook, but I will think twice before doing it if it causes any trouble.

  8. She’s one of my absolute favorites! Thanks for posting the link to her new account. Good Luck to her in getting everything up and running again. Rob Pattinson fans would suffer a great loss if her vids were lost!

  9. I think I’m just going to stay up all night and watch these over and over. I love how the “His Life” one makes me smile. 🙂

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