ToR added some new members!   21 comments

I haven’t done a welcome post in a while and since we’ve had a few people join us recently on the blog I decided I should do one.

Most of you know JustChristyJustKG, JustNic and Myself (JustFP) but recently we’ve had KStewDevotee, RpattzLawyer and Halvir joined our team and we’d like to wish them a warm welcome to ToR.  DreamySim1 is also helping ToR. Actually I don’t think I made a post when Christy joined so welcome Christy (sorry Christy but to me you’ve always been part of the team 😉 ) !! lol

Yes that makes quite a few of us but I feel we all add something different to the blog and it’s great! So join me in wishing them a warm welcome.

Posted October 19, 2009 by justfp in Robert Pattinson

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21 responses to “ToR added some new members!

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  1. Welcome, gals! Who are you, again? 😉

    And I’m LMAO at me always being part of the team. Love ya, FP!

  2. Welcome all 😉

  3. Love you all! Can’t wait to see what comes next 😉

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  5. wow….lots of 😉 ‘s in the comments!

  6. MAJORLY AMAZING DA BOMB. That is all 😛

  7. Quite a team! :)) Welcome to the dark side…blogging 😉

  8. Welcome aboard everyone – this is definitely the place to be! 🙂

  9. WELCOME everyone!! LOVE the site! 🙂

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  11. halvir)))
    its nice to see you here))))

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