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HQ Pics of Robert Pattinson from Series City Magazine – Untagged

I untagged the Series City mag pic of Robert Pattinson from the Stewart Shining photoshoot. I also attached a few enhanced versions.

Untagged - Stewart Shining - 1 - ToR

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Robert Pattinson #2 in Vampire Craze: Analysis of the hottest male vampires


Brace yourselves.

This may come as a complete shock.

Vampires are sort of, what’s the word, in right now. I mean, if you haven’t been living in Antarctica this past year, you may have noticed a very obvious trend. Remember way back in the day when every guy wanted to be Neo from The Matrix because he had that cool trench coat and could do sweet flips? Those days are long gone. Today it’s all about fangs and an aversion to sunlight. Goth is back. Pale is the new tan.

And really, we shouldn’t be all that surprised. Vampires are hot. They don’t age. They look good in black. Some of them have inner-turmoil issues. Granted, they drink blood and that’s kind of gross, but so are hot dogs and most of us love those. Who are we to judge?

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HQ Scans of Robert Pattinson in Series City – France

Here are the HQ scans of Robert Pattinson in Series City. I’ll retouch these soon.


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New Cannes Rob Wallpaper

Here is another beautiful wallpaper made by @DreamySim1


Also, check out her blog In My Dreams

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2 old photoshoot pics of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart now in HQ



Source: RP Source via RP Life

Just Chon speaks about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

He speaks about Rob and Kristen at about 1:20


Thanks kstewartnews for the tip!

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Robward Cullenson mask, anyone?


Source: Pattinson Life VIA Robert Pattinson Life