Stewart Shining Photoshoot pics of Robert Pattinson we have so far   9 comments

I thought I would put all the pics in one place 😉 FYI the majority of the HQ pics here are magazine scans that we untagged.

Untagged - Stewart Shining - 1 - ToR

More pics after the jump!

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9 responses to “Stewart Shining Photoshoot pics of Robert Pattinson we have so far

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  1. Ummm – yummy! Just licked my screen!

  2. Cool pics, thanks for sharing! I drew a pic of him and posted a vid 😀 Great model!

  3. Very nice. Thank you! I have so much more hot Rob porn now on my computer. You all are so wonderful the way you untag the photos. It is you specialty here at TOR and makes you very unique. Love your blog!

  4. Where are the ones with him standing by the outside rail and with him inside touching the piano?

  5. I don’t know of any guy who can look so different in so many pictures. You can take thousands of pictures of Rob, and he will not look the same in any of the pictures. This is a cool pix of him….relaxed. Looking at him in person is so different than looking at him in pictures!

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  7. You do a wonderful job untagging the pics. And your tag is very artistic not distracting. Thank you! I would love to get an HQ version of the one standing outside by the rail. Love your blog! Have you tried working on the pics from Interview Mag?

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