Retouched pics of Robert Pattinson in the new issue of Vanity Fair   18 comments

Unfortunately due to the low quality of the pics there wasn’t much I could do with them but I did adjust them and crop them a bit. I also made a few black & whites and colourized versions. Hope it helps.


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18 responses to “Retouched pics of Robert Pattinson in the new issue of Vanity Fair

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  2. These are GORGEOUS, you did a fantastic job,FP. Thanks so much. This man just gets more beautiful with every photoshoot he does, doesn’t he??

    Lynda from philly
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  4. Never apologize!! I am owned body and soul by these pics and you made them even more beautiful. Hey if they have to fuzzy, they can at least be “arty”.

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  6. Oh HOLY CRAP ROB owns us!!!!

  7. OMG OMG! I Looooooooooooooooooooove it! Rob is awesome! THANK you so much for sharing this! I don’t doubt that the new issue of Vanity fair is gonna be great!

    The last one with the cast last year was amazing! Best photoshoot in my opinion!


    I love your website! I come every day lol

  8. Oh fuck. speechless right now……….

  9. Oh God Oh God !!!!
    f*ucking SEXY !!!!!
    Damn it what i’m going to do with you Rob !! well what i’m not going to do !! lol

    So SEXY !!

    tHANKs these are so gorgeous 🙂 love it .. love it … love it … love it ..

    Valeria Pattinson
  10. Baby, you are too hot… you are on fire……

  11. holy shit rob is so bloody hot and i can’t believe he seems to be getting hotter!!!! i think i need a cold shower!

  12. I love those photos i think they were awesome thank you for posting them!!!

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  14. FP!!!

    Thank you for posting these!

  15. What a nice surprise to wake up to! Now if only hubby would leave the room I would be all set, lol! FP, you and the gals are great! Your site is up all day on my computer and I just keep hitting refresh. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  16. i love wat you did~~~~
    you are so talent

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