Pic of Walmart’s Breaking Dawn Part 1 Special Edition contents   9 comments

ETA: Seems maybe this is only available in certain stores. If you were lucky enough to get one, let us know where you picked it up.

thanks @Team_Jack for tweeting this:


9 responses to “Pic of Walmart’s Breaking Dawn Part 1 Special Edition contents

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  1. Uhh I want to know which Wal Mart he got that from, cause all mine had was the dvd and a poster. And Im dissapointed in the dvd ‘extras’ content =(

  2. I want too 😦 but in Germany ….?!

  3. Same here I got the poster only in my special edition…So which Walmart was that from?? or was there another special edition set we weren’t told about?? Totally confused hope someone can clear this up.

  4. I know please where???//

  5. WTF Mine did not have all that, where did yo get yours???

  6. I thought target had the better deal? i love the flower in the case with the pic but this looks like more! I didn’t hear about it coming with all this at first dam 😦

  7. apparently there was a $30 special edition and the $22.96 special edition. The Wal-Mart that is in my town did not do anything to make buying this easy. They made us stand in the aisles and then just took the cardboard off the display and walked away. The cashiers were rude and the other employees stood around and made fun of everyone that was there. I picked what I thought was the special edition in the wedding dress box, but now I see there was another special edition.

  8. What wal-mart?????/

  9. i bought the wedding dress box special i got home opened it up and all i got was the poster

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