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VIDEO: First Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Clip!   6 comments

LQ Breaking Dawn Part 2 Clip shown at Target stores last night. All the videos are the same,  just different quality etc. According to “there’s no high res of this footage and it won’t be distributed officially.”

Clip: Best Quality

Transcript of the clip

*On the note* “Gather as many witnesses as you can, before the snow sticks to the ground. That’s when they’ll come for us” Alice.
Bella: It’s strange…physically I feel like I can demolish a tank, but mentally I just feel drained.
Edward: How about a bath? I’ve had a bad habit of underestimating you. Every obstacle you’ve faced, I’d think you couldn’t overcome it …but you just did. And you at least have something to fight for…our family. I’ll go and get the water running.


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Juliette Binoche talks about Cosmopolis and mentions Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Juliette Binoche spoke with Madame Figaro about Cosmopolis.

What do you do in Cosmopolis, the next David Cronenberg?
I make love in the limo! Belonging to Robert Pattinson, fabulously wealthy man who wants it all and loses it all! It sounds like Cronenberg, doesn’t it? Director of photography, Peter Suschitzky, lights up each shot like a painting. Robert and I were alone in the car with a camera and a microphone, and we could hear David’s voice coming from a distance: we would redo a take, then another one, etc. There was something clinical about it, which for me was a change from Amos Gitai or Abel Ferrara.

Original transcript:
Que faites-vous dans Cosmopolis, le prochain David Cronenberg ?
L’amour dans une limousine ! Celle de Robert Pattinson, un richissime qui veut tout et perd tout ! C’est bien du Cronenberg ça, non ? Le chef opérateur, Peter Suschitzky, éclaire chaque plan comme une peinture. Nous étions seuls Robert et moi dans la voiture avec une caméra et un retour son. Et nous entendions la voix de David de loin : on refait une prise, encore une, etc. Il y avait là un côté clinique qui me changeait d’Amos Gitai ou d’Abel Ferrara.

Full interview/article in French  via cosmopolisfilm / via

*SCANS* Breaking Dawn DVD/Blu-Ray Cover Mexico   1 comment

Breaking Dawn DVD/Blu-Ray Cover Mexico

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer to Debut before ‘Hunger Games’ March 23rd   5 comments

The trailer for the fifth and final “Twilight” movie, “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” will debut exclusively on “The Hunger Games” in March — the first significant example of synergy between Lions Gate Entertainment and its new subsidiary Summit Entertainment.

When the studio acquired Summit in January, Lions Gate executives touted the opportunities that would come from bringing together two of Hollywood’s hottest young adult franchises. Because fans tend to get excited about seeing the first trailer for a highly anticipated sequel, Lions Gate is betting it can bring the huge base of “Twilight” fans to the opening weekend of “The Hunger Games,” which debuts March 23.

“‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ trailer will debut exclusively on every ‘Hunger Games’ print on its opening night for what will be Lions Gate’s largest release ever,” Santa Monica-based Lions Gate’s chief executive Jon Feltheimer said on a conference call with analysts Friday following the release of its financial results.


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German Fans: Win Tickets to the Bel Ami After-Show-Party at the Berlin Film Festival   5 comments

Glamour gives you the the chance to win two tickets for the Bel Ami After-Show Party at the Berlin Film Festival



It will be without question one of the highlights of the Berlinale 2012: On 17 February, Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci stroll down the red carpet for her new movie “Bel Ami” initiative. Thousands of fans are expected at the “Twilight” star cheer ago – but the ultimate highlight awaits you: GLAMOUR is giving away two tickets to the big “Bel Ami” after-show party. Be there when the stars and starlets give the jack in hand, sipping their champagne glasses and enjoy the last Berlinale-night to the fullest.
Participate and win

How can you win the Berlinale tickets? Play our Glamoury on the next page and then enter your details into our competition form. Closing date for entries is 16 February 2012. GLAMOUR wish you good luck!


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*VIDEO* New/Old Robert Pattinson Interview with Scoop from the Breaking Dawn Promo   1 comment

 source / Via / hoboRobsten

GIFs from the new Bel Ami footage   1 comment

Here are few gifs from the new Bel Ami footage. More gifs over at RPAustralia

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Amazing New Robert Pattinson ‘Cannes’ Photo Edits by @Creationsjules   5 comments

Here are great new Rob photo edits by Jules

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