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Great New Bel Ami Wallpaper by @Creationsjules   5 comments

Here’s a great new Robert Pattinson ‘Bel Ami’ wallpaper by Jules

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*SCAN* Remember Me in ‘Lembranças’ – Colombia   1 comment

Here’s a scan of Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me in ‘Lembranças’

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First Bel Ami Reviews – Total Film and Sight and Sound magazine   10 comments

First Bel Ami reviews are here

Total Film

From Sight and Sound Magazine (Transcription)

Guy de Maupassant’s second novel, about an unprincipled cad who rises in Belle Epoque Parisian society using women as stepping stones, has often been adapted for the screen, most famously by Albert Lewin as The Private Affairs of Bel Ami in 1947, with George Sanders in the title role. Lewin, a cultured Francophile, did a handsome if over-wordy job, but at 41 Sanders was too old for the role, and the Hollywood censors, much to Lewin’s annoyance, imposed a moralistic ending in which the cad meets his deserts in a fatal duel. Hard to think of anything more out of keeping with Maupassant’s novel, which exudes the urbane cynicism for which the writer was famous.

The new version has no truck with such sanctimony. Rachel Bennette’s script offers a faithful rendition of the original, up to and including the ending with Georges Duroy (the amorously ambitious ‘Bel Ami’ of the title) relishing his triumph over the shallow, corrupt society that he at once despises and personifies. Although it is well-grounded in its period – Budapest locations convincingly impersonate 1890s Paris, and rampant French colonialism in North Africa provides a murky political backdrop – the film’s themes feel remarkably topical. An Arab country is invaded for ostensibly high-minded motives, political parties denounce each other’s policies while surreptiously adopting them, the press attacks the corruption from which it profits, and a young man of no discernable talent attains celebrity thanks to a pretty face and a plausible manner.

Joint directors Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod, here making their feature debut, are best known for their work with Cheek by Jowl, the avant garde theatre company they founded in 1981. If Bel Ami occasionally feels airless and overly art-directed that may partly reflect the period it’s set in, but also the directors’ over indulgence in facial close-ups. It’s almost as though they didn’t trust their actors to express emotions in mid-shot – the last thing you’d expect from theatre directors. This does Robert Pattinson as Bel Ami no favours, since in close up his face tends to lapse into the bovine, but at further remove he gives an alert amusedly insinuating performance. A scene where he plays tap with his soon-to-be lover Clothilde (Christina Ricci, appealingly kittenish) and her little daughter brings out the boyish charm that stands him in good stead with the Parisian ladies. Even so he is outpaced in the acting stakes by his trio of lovers, Ricci, Uma Thurman as his mentor and subsequently his wife, and Kristin Scott Thomas, touchingly vulnerable as his boss’s wife. As Thurman’s Madeleine notes, unwittingly setting Georges on his unscrupulous path to the top


UK Fans: WIN tickets to the first UK screening of Bel Ami   2 comments

From MSNnets:

Fancy being one of the first people in the UK to see the hotly-anticipated Bel Ami, in cinemas March 9, starring Robert Pattison?

On February 20th, you could be sitting down in front of a big screen watching R-Patz at a top London hotel with around 40 other people, just days after the world premiere of the movie in Berlin.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning, simply enter your details in the form below and keep your phone close by on February 16th when we’ll be contacting the lucky winners.

Alternatively, head over to @msnents on Twitter now and you could be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets simply by following us and retweeting the comp. Easy!

A bit about the film

Based on the classic novel, Bel Ami (March 9) unites an incredible cast of actors for a scandalous tale of high society 19th Century France. An erotically charged tale of ambition, power and seduction, the story chronicles the rise of penniless ex-soldier Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga) through the echelons of the Parisian elite. Also starring Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci – Bel Ami is a timeless epic with a modern twist – A Dangerous Liaisons for a new generation.

Click here for more information and to enter


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Thinking of Rob sign for the Premiere of Bel Ami in Berlin   2 comments

We’ve done it before for the Water for Elephants and Breaking Dawn premieres and we’re doing it again… We’ve made a sign for those of you who will be attending the Bel Ami Premiere in Berlin! You can print it and bring it with you to the premiere! It’s made by DreamySim1.  Tip: take a marker (dark and light) with you and something hard for underneath the sign so Rob  will be able to sign easily.

We’d love to see a pic of the signs at the venue and/or signed :)

We added an iPad and iPhone wallpaper as well 😉

Bel Ami Stills with Robert Pattinson in black and white   2 comments

Here are the stills from this weekend made in Black and White for you:

More after the jump!

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New Robert Pattinson Fanvideo   1 comment

thanks to Svetlanchick for sending this to us:

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