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Indiewire: First Bel Ami Review From The Berlin Film Festival   1 comment

Indiewire Thompson on Hollywood: It makes perfect sense that Rob Pattinson would continue his attempts to broaden his fan base as the “Twilight” franchise nears its end. Starring in a new film adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s 1885 novel “Bel Ami” certainly advances that project: playing Georges Duroy, an unscrupulous ex-soldier who makes his way up the ladder of Parisian high society by seducing the wives of powerful men, adds a few strings to his bow. (Sony Pictures Classics will release the film stateside on March 2.)

Duroy is unscrupulous, self-absorbed and nakedly ambitious, but has enough sexual magnetism to further his career by talking his way into some of the city’s most opulent bedrooms. Pattinson is thus involved in screen liaisons with actresses old enough to be mothers to “Twilight”’s core audience. It’s a leap of sorts, and not without its risks.

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First ‘Bel Ami’ TV Spot Now in Much Better Quality   2 comments

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*AUDIO* Christina Ricci talks about Bel Ami and Robert Pattinson on BBC Radio 1   2 comments

Christina Ricci talks about ‘Bel Ami’, Rob, English Accent, Costume on Radio 1 with Fearne Cotton Starts 1:16:45

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Cosmopolis Costume Designer Denise Cronenberg talks about working with Robert Pattinson   1 comment

Denise Cronenberg, Cosmopolis costume designer (and David Cronenberg’s sister) talked to Grazia Live about working with Rob

Grazia Daily: You’re working on Cosmopolis with Robert Pattinson now, what’s that been like?
Denise Cronenberg: Oh, he’s lovely! He’s such a nice, sweet kid. He’s intelligent and smart; he was very brave to take on something like this because I think he was quite hesitant at first. But David is wonderful with actors and he’s a father of three, so he uses that. He and Robert had a wonderful relationship. It was an unusual film to do, very unusual. We had to do a rave, street fires and have cars exploding for this film! David and I decided what we thought we’d put Robert in. I then talked to Gucci who were incredible and gave us all his clothes. He’s dressed from head to toe in Gucci from the tie to his socks! And we had no money, like really, no money so we could never have done it without them.

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Bel Ami release date for Brazil: June 22nd   1 comment

Brazil gets a release date for Bel Ami:

June 22:

From Bel Ami Brazil facebook (google translate):

We all looking forward to the date of” Bel Ami “? No more mystery! “BelAmi” is scheduled for 22/06.

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*SCANS* Bel Ami in Ciné-Télé Revue magazine – Belgium: NEW still!   3 comments

thnx to Twilight Belgium for these scans:

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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson in several magazines – Poland   1 comment

Here are several scans of Robert Pattinson in magazines in Poland sent to us by Paulina. Magazines included are  Bravo, Astro Girl and Twist:

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