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February 17th: The ‘Bel Ami’ World Premiere in Berlin   4 comments

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ETA: All the links for the Bel Ami Premiere, Press conference/Photocall & Reviews will now be posted here.

Press Conference/Photocall:

Screencaps: HERE | HERE


Official Portrait: HERE



LA Times Write-up: HERE


Official Bel Ami Facebook Page Pics from Press Conf & Premiere: HERE

Red Carpet:

Screencaps: HERE





Red Carpet Interviews:

ZDF & : lorealparisde: HERE


HollywoodCIA: HERE

ET Canada: HERE

Film Review Links:

Screendaily: HERE  

Indiewire: HERE

Cineuropa: HERE  

The Independent: HERE  

Outnow: HERE 

Reviews from JDIFF: HERE

Reviews from Berlinale: HERE

Out by Now: HERE

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Title Treatment Revealed + Details on the Part 2 Preview being shown at Target   5 comments

Breaking Dawn part 2 official title treatment:

“Want an exclusive preview of Breaking Dawn – Part 2? Come to participating Target stores Friday and see Bella & Edward in their new home…featuring Bella as a vampire for the first time! Get the details and RSVP:

Twilight | TwilightFB

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Daniel Radcliffe mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview   Leave a comment

Does it seem weird that you said if you attach yourself to the project that it would get the green light?

This project was already far enough along and had enough people behind it, including the Hammer name to be getting it going, I was just the final thing that was needed.

You’re being modest…

I promise it’s not false modesty though. There are very, very few actors whose name you know… even people like me and Rob Pattinson, who are at the moment big names and bankable – whatever that means – there are very few actors whose saying yes to something would mean a green light for that film. I think probably George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp, are the only three that have that kind of pull, and that comes from how they’ve had very long careers and are universally respected as actors and as professionals. So there’s a long way to go before we’re at that stage.

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Bel Ami on IndieWires ‘The 10 Movies we want to see at Berlinale 2012’ list   2 comments

From Indiewire:

The 62nd Berlin International Film Festival kicks off tomorrow, offering dozens (and dozens) of world premieres across mutliple sections. By the time the festival’s Golden and Silver Bears are handed out next weekend, we’ll have a good idea as to the world cinema that will come to theaters near you (eventually, that is — some of last year’s program is just coming out Stateside now).

In the past few years, the festival has proven itself — perhaps more than it has in some time — as an excellent platform for emerging and proven talent in world cinema to debut their work. Last year’s crop ended up gaining more Oscar nominations than the 2011 Sundance Film Festival’s slate.

Bel Ami (Declan Donnellan, Nick Ormerod, UK)

Not to the be confused with the brand of Eastern European gay porn, “Bel Ami” instead stars Robert Pattinson in another attempt to move beyond his “Twilight” fame. The period film adapted from the book by Guy de Maupassant follows a young man’s rise to power in Paris via his manipulation of the city’s most powerful women (Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci). Perhaps the most star-studded offering at the fest, it could be (campy?) fun.

Breaking Dawn BTS Video – How the Cullens fought the wolf pack   7 comments

From EW:

Calling all Twilight fans! If you are planning to pick up The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1 DVD (available Feb. 11) you should know that there’s an entire second disc of bonus features, including a six-part documentary that chronicles the ins and outs of this very action-packed (Marriage! honeymoon! pregnancy! totally insane birth!) movie. In this exclusive EW clip, it’s all about the wolf pack and their climactic battle with the Cullens towards the end of the film. (And if you don’t want your wolves-are-real illusions shattered, we suggest you don’t continue onward.) The choreography and special effects and stunts were all carefully thought out and planned to the very second in order to make the scene look as realistic as possible. Funny then, how hard it is for the actual actors to pantomime fight scenes versus the air, or in some cases, a not-so-ferocious beanbag. My favorite part? Watching Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) explain that the hardest part in shooting these dramatic scenes is trying not to laugh. Take a look below.



Bel Ami Posters – Brazil (unofficial) & Russia (official)   9 comments

Here’s an unofficial Brazilian Bel Ami poster featuring Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman.

*UPDATE* According to the source, this is “not yet” official. Also:

Via RobsessedBrasil:

NOTE: This poster is not the Official Poster of Bel Ami in Brazil! (We thank the staff of the California Film for clarifying our doubts!)

Via ROBenchanted:

It’s not official but it was made by/for the official distributor.

See the Russian poster after the jump!

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Screencaps from the 2 NEW Bel Ami Clips   Leave a comment

Screencaps from the two new Bel Ami Clips we posted earlier here. Click for bigger.

More after the jump

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Joseph Morgan (Vampire Diaries) Talks About Robert Pattinsons Fame and Career   6 comments

Joseph is the latest addition to the series playing Klaus and spoke exclusively to omg! about how a franchise such as Twilight would affect the success of its male lead:

“Provided he didn’t mess it all up, Robert was guaranteed a fan base thanks to Twilight,” Joseph told us.

“His character is iconic and there’s a huge following of the books but there’s a tremendous amount of pressure that comes with that.”

The gravitas of playing a heartthrob is something the 30-year-old actor can relate to as he explained how much passion fans have for the parts he and RPattz play.

“People have their own very distinctive ideas of how a character should be portrayed especially when you’re playing a vampire.”

But this is something Robert does flawlessly, as Joseph adds it’s not just Edward Cullen who turned him into a superstar.

“Having the talent helped, Robert is quite charming and humble in the press during interviews which helps.

“I do worry thought that after Vampire Diaries finishes how many fans will come with me to watch other projects that I do and if it’s just the vampire phenomenon that made us [me and Robert] famous. It’s harder for Robert though.”

Judging by Joseph’s looks, we don’t think it’s just talent or the acting gig he’s got that draws the fans in but it’s clearly something he worries about.

“It’s too early to say if I think I’ve been typecast, but I’ve been forced to take on different roles but I’m not going to lie I have done jobs just to pay the rent.”

Naturally we had to ask if he’d like to reach the dizzy Hollywood heights that Robert has to which he replied rather diplomatically…
“That guy is more famous than anyone at the moment, of course I’d like to have Robert Pattinson’s career but I don’t like the whole celebrity aspect of it.

“I’m not interested in having a photo shoot in a magazine it allows people to buy into you too much. I’m not against talking about my personal life but I don’t want it to be a soap opera.

“I’m not saying Robert’s is, but he can’t escape it – like the gossip around who is he dating, I don’t want all that.”

But that’s what we REALLY need to know! Our final question to the actor was if he watched Twilight in preparation for his role in Vampire Diaries…

“I watched the first one but didn’t want to play it the same as Robert. I thought he was good, there are so many parallels drawn between Twilight and Vampire Diaries that it was better for me not to watch it.”

Joseph, we think your life would be better with Twilight (and Vampire Diaries) in it, ours certainly is!

Yahoo UK | Via

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Great fan made Remember Me pic – Tyler and Caroline   1 comment

Here’s a great Remember Me compilation of pics made by @Natalee_x:

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*Video* Hot Hits Full Interview   1 comment

We have posted part of this interview before but here is the full interview

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