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Reese Witherspoon Talks About Rob and Water for Elephants   1 comment

Reese Witherspoon mentions Rob and Water for Elephants

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24:00 – She says she loved filming Water for Elephants and cried when she had to say goodbye to Tai
26:30 – Says she loved Water for Elephant’s dresses
33:00 – She says that Rob loves animals, that it was the reason he agreed to do the movie. Talks about Tai and that she was always following him and that he was also good with Uggie.
44:00 – Her most challenging role was Water for Elephants because of the circus training, learning how to work with the elephant and the horses.
47:00 – How was to play Rob’s love interest in Water for Elephants and his mother in Vanity Fair? “Totally weird”.

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Flash back post – Bel Ami wallpapers   Leave a comment

Here’s a flash back to Bel Ami Wallpapers made by @DreamySim1 Some are for iPhone: click to make bigger.

We made one especially for the Bel Ami premiere too. We posted it HERE.

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Special Bel Ami screening in Luxembourg on March 12 & 13   5 comments

Ladies’ Night  on Monday March12 and Tuesday, March 13

Robert Pattinson, irresistible seducer in “Bel Ami” at 7:30 p.m.

with gifts and many other surprises …

Tickets on sale now!

Click here for more information.

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SCANS Breaking Dawn in Corazon de Vampiro magazine   2 comments

Here are few scans of Breaking Dawn in Corazon de Vampiro magazine

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*SCANS* Christina Ricci talks about Robert Pattinson in an interview with TotalFilm   Leave a comment

Here are few scans of Christina Ricci talking about Rob


There was also Pattinson. Locking lips and limbs with the Twilight star in a series of saucy boudoir scenes, Ricci gets more R-Pattz ass than Bella Swan ever has. So come on, Christina, kiss and tell… “Everyone keeps asking me how it is to kiss Robert,” She says, “He’s a good kisser. And I’m not being nice. It’s just like that.”
She may be six years his senior – he was just four when Ricci made her film debut as a swimming obsessed moppet opposite Cher in 1990’s Mermaids – but Ricci insists that she and Pattinson got on famously. “He’s always the kind of guy that you can look at and go, “Oh God, This is uncomfortable!” And he’s really lovely to work with, especially in those kinds of scenes, because he’s so quick to laugh at himself – and me! He’s very self deprecating, as am I.”

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New Bel Ami Clip to be shown before the Premiere at Berlinale   4 comments

According to a new Bel Ami clip is to be shown at Berlinale before the premiere.

From google translate: “For all fans, not seeing”Bel Ami” during the Berlinale, there is a small consolation: Before the premiere, a new clip from the movie will be released. On 26 April “Bel Ami” is then in our cinemas.”

There’s a good chance it’ll be a clip from the footage we’ve posted before, but we’ll see.


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*VIDEO* German Bel Ami trailer   1 comment

Here’s the German Bel Ami trailer: Click HERE or the image to watch

Source | Thnx to DreamsofRobert for the tip 😉

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Bel Ami directors talk about making the movie, why original release was delayed & more   7 comments

Variety had a talk with the directors of Bel Ami: Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod . Some interesting background info on the making of the movie:

When Brit theater veterans Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod were approached by “The Full Monty” producer Uberto Pasolini to direct a film version of 19th century novelist Guy de Maupassant’s “Bel Ami,” it was as if all their Christmas wishes had come true at once.

“It’s a novel that we’ve always wanted to do a feature about,” said theater director-writer Donnellan, whose stage credits include “King Lear” and “The School for Scandal.”

“It’s a completely modern theme about fame and corruption in which a man discovers the way to power is through the women in Paris,” he said. “It’s all about fame and money made in a world in which women have a lot of influence.”

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Bel Ami Valentine e-Card   Leave a comment

StudioCanal sent this great Bel Ami e-Card to Flicks and Bits to celebrate Valentine:

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