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Bel Ami review by Outnow  (Swiss review)

(thnx to Ptiteaurel from @LeRPattzClub for the translation)

Bel Ami(2012)
Or a lost vampire

The former soldier Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson) returns to Paris after his military service. He lives in poverty, unhealthy conditions in a room in the suburbs. He’s once again lucky and come across Forester , a former friend met during his time in Algeris, the latter invited him to dinner at his home. There he meets not only the educated wife of Forestier, Madeleine Forestier (Uma Thurman), but he will also be introduced into high society. When he is proposed to treat her experiences as a diary, he began with the help of Madeleine and her husband, an influential career in journalism.

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Through his merit and his affair with the beautiful Clotilde de Marelle (Christina Ricci), he created the leading Parisian scene and eventually became editor. In this position, he is also associated with the collapse of the government. Meanwhile, he has fun with the ladies abandoned by men far too busy and uses his position to achieve its social goals.

Film Rating:

It is an attempt to break from the image of Edward, the beautiful vampire. While filming the Twilight series is over, and there is only one movie to be released on the screens, it is time to prove himself in new projects. Robert Pattinson is successful, with few weaknesses, to cope surprisingly well in the role of George Duroy. Of course it is always difficult not to see in every gesture or facial expression the vampire Edward and some traits remind that role too well. But overall this is a fair provision provides by the young actor in “Bel Ami” Maybe because the two characters share a certain resemblance. George and Edward are two handsome men, eager to satisfy their addiction. It is the desire of blood in Twilight (though discreetly removed), while Bel Ami covets recognition and women. Many scenes are very average and Pattinson is offset by the supporting cast who are at their best, which is quite impressive, the women’s team can be proud of Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci.

After having spoken of theactors , Bel Ami is also the first feature film directors Declan Donellan and Nick Ormerod who looked far from the theater. We see the origin of the filmmakers, as their penchant for beautifully designed scenery and beautiful costumes is remarkable in every scene. It is clear however, that the story sticks very specifically to the plot of the novel, each chapter has worked as gently as possible and the film seems, therefore, unpleasantly static and rigid. Despite his famous actresses, it’s almost irritating, that the female characters are extremely pale and sometimes act as extras who must recite their texts.
Overall, the film adaptation based on the novel of the same name, by Guy de Maupassant is essentially lighter than the cast would have suggested. We can diminish the role of seducer egocentric Pattinson in some places and replaced it by women on the screen. A fun pastime is still guaranteed, and thanks to its star, enough viewers should find the way to the cinema.

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  2. This is simply a refreshing and delightful review. The critic is clearly a professional, with a well balanced insightful observation of Robert and the entire cast of Bel Ami. Awesome 🙂 For Robert Pattinson the sky is the Limit. He is on his way :-), and just think he did this movie approx 2yrs ago.

    • Delightful & insightful review of Robert??? Are we reading the same review?? The critic said Robert had weaknesses, that it was always difficult not to see in every gesture or facial expression the vampire Edward and that many scenes were very average and Pattinson was offset by the supporting cast who were at their best. To me, it is not “Awesome”! I am hoping for better reviews than that. I want Robert to be recognized and respected as a great actor he is so badly! I hope the movie will have a wide release in US. Right now it is shown as a “Limited” release scheduled for March 2. I can’t wait to see this movie!

  3. What a ridiculous review, trying (in vain) to draw a comparison between the similarities of the roles of Edward and Georges… please, please…

  4. I’ve sen all his movies and I think he is so under rated. He is a very good actor and i can’t wait to see this one and Cosmopolis., Just like Cronenburg said Robert is an under rated actor. I wish people can see how good an actor he really is.

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  6. Rob is great in Bel Ami, and all the other actors too. Bel Ami is not handsome and not a seducer, The women fall for him, even if you can’t relate to this in the book as in the movie. Rob plays Bel Ami in a little more complex way as in the novel of Guy de Maupassant. Every Character have emptiness because only the appearance and money is important to them. I think that the actors are so good, that we are mislead to condemn the actors themselves! Curiously I became fan of Rob because of Little Ashes and Remember me but I watched about 100 times all the Twilight movies and I saw nothing from Edward in Bel Ami (very strange that the critics can see something of Edward?) Sorry for my poor english!

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