The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – part 1 Special Edition Blu-ray Review by Collider   4 comments

Here’s the great review for the Special Edition Blu-ray by Collider:

My favorite feature on the Blu-Ray special edition is the six-part, 90 minute long MAKING-OF-DOCUMENTARIES. This was the first time I saw how every important scene was positioned together. Another awesome feature about the documentaries is that they can be played alone or in picture-in-picture mode alongside the film starting from “Love Death Birth”, “The Wedding”, “The Honeymoon”, “The Wolf Pack”, “The Pregnancy” and “The Birth”. All of these special features walk you through the entire process of making the movie with the writers, creators, and cast. My favorite out of the six part documentaries is definitely The Pregnancy.”  Watching Kristen Stewart’s transformation, the prosthetics that were used on set, and the making of her uncanny body double were all wonderful.  If you’re someone who loves watching and learning about the pre-production, production and post-production processes, you will thoroughly enjoy these documentaries.

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Lots of other great features are also available on this Blu-Ray Special Edition, including “Jacob’s Destiny”, “Bella and Edwards’s Personal Wedding Video”, film commentary with director Bill Condon, and the ‘Jump to feature. If you are a Cullen fan or a Wolf pack fan, this feature is for you.  You can jump to all the scenes that include your favorite characters and your favorite scenes.  My favorite would have to be the wedding reception ‘jump to’ feature just because I can re-watch the wedding scenes over and over again.

The one minor disappointment in my opinion is the lack of a film commentary by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I still enjoyed the commentary with Bill Condon, but would have also preferred to hear the main cast members walking us through the film. To sum up everything, I would give Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Blu-Ray Special Edition an ‘A’. This version has something special for everyone and it’s perfect for every Twilight fan.

Read the complete review over at Collider (click HERE)

4 responses to “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – part 1 Special Edition Blu-ray Review by Collider

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  2. Oh my goodness! I loved Breaking Dawn; the wedding scene was so great. I want my wedding to be somewhat similar. I think the movie was very close to the book, especially the birthing scene. I love the Twilight series and I believe I’ll always re-read the books. I love the books better then the movies though; with the books you can use your own imagination. I was always reading the books whether I was at my job at DISH or at school, I couldn’t take my hands off the books. Now I have Blockbuster @Home, so I can easily stream any movie right to my TV, and no longer have to deal with late fees or extra cost for Blu-ray movies. I can’t wait for part two to come out.

  3. i loved this movie, but i was very disapointed to find this special edition is not availble in the uk and the one i got does not have the six part making of on it i was soooo looking forward to seeing it

    • Hi there: we just made a post on here about this: there seems to be a problem with the Blu-rays and DVD’s in the UK. There’s a link in that post too: you’re not alone

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