Mission: Black List – Have You Read It? What Are Your Thoughts About It?   11 comments

Have you guys had the chance to read Mission: Black List? If so what were your thoughts on the book? What do you think of Robert Pattinson playing the lead role of Eric Maddox? 

I haven’t had the chance to read the book yet, but I will soon and I have to admit I can’t wait to see Rob in the role of Eric Maddox. What do you guys think? Discuss in the comments! 

11 responses to “Mission: Black List – Have You Read It? What Are Your Thoughts About It?

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  1. i’m waiting impatiently for french version to read it, i can’t wait !
    I think it’ll be an amazing role for Rob, and he’ll prove us again that he’s a real actor !

  2. I brought the book the day it was announced that Rob was doing the film and read it. Fantastic, well written book that reads more like a story than a biography account of Eric’s time in Iraq. On the edge of my seat and couldn’t put it down at times. Really can not wait to see Rob play Eric. Will defo be worth the wait!!!

  3. Read the book last week. I agree, it reads like a story, a suspense story! I loved it! Never thought I would like a book like that. More than the story of the capture of Saddam is the story of everything that was going through Eric’s mind during the process. You get into his mind and his reasoning, you suffer every dry hole with him and you smile with victory once he is vindicated!! Enough said…read the book!! 🙂

  4. I read it about 2/3 weeks ago. Adored the book and it really didn’t feel like I was reading a non-fiction book. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time even though I knew how it would end! Loved it!

  5. I downloaded the book to my Kindle and read it as soon as Rob mentioned that he was attached to the film. It’s a very good book, the suspense is riveting towards the end! Eric Maadox, himself a very intriguing character. I can’t wait for them to get started! Of all the films Rob is attached to do in the next year, this and The Rover are the ones I am most interested in.

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