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Lumiere magazine – Russia

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Translation Russian Magazine Lumiere (thanks to Christina for mailing this to us):


There is one thing you can’t reproach David Cronenberg  for-sameness(monotony). You can hardly find a director in modern cinema who is more inclined to experiment with different genres and forms.(don’t mention soderberg) “the fly” “the naked lunch”  “ the crash” “Eastern promises”

“a dangerous method” –it is hard to believe that all these films were made by one and the same man. So it is not surprising at all  that the next work of the Canadian Master is a Social-economic satire “Cosmopolis” adapted from Don de Lillo- a favourite of intellectuals and esthets-and with Robert Pattinson –an idol for 13 –year-old girls  as a lead.

The film(the script was written by Cronenberg himself) is set in the near future, when the world economic crisis reaches unprecedented scale, and the gap between the rich and the poor increases in a geometrical progression. The main character-A  billionaire financier Eric Packer –goes through the rioting New York to his hairdresser in his armoured limousine. At the same time he thinks about the meaning of his existence and step by step gets rid of his(and not only)  material assets, trying to diversify his life with experiments on his body and soul.

Since the book was published(2003) the idea of increasing class conflict in the modern society has become a lot more relevant. The population of megapolises today is no longer a quiet  passive majority, now they are rebels fighting against  the “1 percent”   within the framework of “occupy” movement.

But  obviously it is not the surface that interests Cronenberg in this adaptation, but the demons hidden underneath.  For the last decade the director  has moved from “body horror” to the horrors of human subconscious. And in the minds of people destroying the future of thousands of others for their own profit, such horrors  can be found in abundance.

“Cosmopolis “  premiered at Cannes film festival where the reactions were mixed “from  rapture to curses”. None the less, as past experiences show, even an unsuccessful  Cronenberg film  is still a must see spectacle the majority of other filmmakers  will be struggling to reach.

Fashion Illustrated Magazine – Italy

Google translation

A vampire and a gentleman

Two button suit, white shirt and tie thin: the uniform of the young manager and signed Gucci. Like the one for Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis.

These are the films that influence fashion or vice versa? The fact is that Gucci dress worn by Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis thriller at Cannes become the uniform of youth work manager rampant. No matter if they are beautiful and fascinating as the former teen vampire in Twilight. What matters is to be flawless in a black suit with two buttons (the Gucci Signoria and medollo), with tailored, to match the more classic white shirts and accessorize with a thin tie, a leather belt with silver buckle and strictly black lace. Nothing piy traditional and obvious maybe for business men who attend the Milan Stock Exchange or Wall Street, but that gives charm to giovanu social climbers. No matter if you togile when the work uniform man prefers soft and deconstructed jackets, jackets made ??of technical materials and performing, loafers and lace-ups from the treatments used, convenient bags instead of rigid or 24h designer iPad. Why and in this direction has veered in recent seasons, men’s fashion, as evidenced by the growing space riservatio in almost all of the casual-wear collections. But as said Umberto Angeloni, CEO of Caruso, the article on page 12 “after years in which man’s wardrobe is filled and informal leaders, gradually will return to invest in formal education. It ‘a matter of cycles “. He must have also thought of the costume of Cosmopolis, Denise Coronenberg. When you have sewn on to Eric Packer / Pattinson that dress elegant and expensive Gucci in finding the ideal partner for this choice

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