Fandom for Suicide Awareness & A Note From Me   2 comments

It has recently come to my attention that TwiFic Central is helping raise money for those affected by suicide. This is a great cause. So many people suffer in silence. You can check it out here

This has always been a cause very close to my heart. I don’t share my story that freely often, but I do when it’s time to help others. I’ve always thought that if one day, I can save one life with my story, then it will have been worth me telling it. My mom committed suicide when I was 21. The people left behind after the suicide of a loved one are survivors. Time goes by, we learn to move on, the pain fades but it never really goes away. We learn to live with it and the past shadows our memories to make the transition a bit easier on us. I’ve always thought that suicide and mental illnesses are such a taboo in our society when they shouldn’t be. So many people suffer in silence and are scared to go get help. My advice to you is reach out to people, reach out to get the help you need. The people around you love you, no matter what you think. If you think that my story, one of someone who survived the suicide of a loved one, can help you in any way you can read it here. If you’ve ever thought of committing suicide please read it. Be advised it is a story filled with tears and grief. Start at the bottom and scroll back to the beginning. I don’t particularly like sharing it, but I do when I have to. I’m also not looking for pity from that story, it is part of my past now. It is a part of me, yes.  However as I said, I wrote it for those who need to read it. 

Please support TwiFic Central in their effort to raise money for those in need. Read their post here

Posted July 24, 2012 by justfp in Robert Pattinson

2 responses to “Fandom for Suicide Awareness & A Note From Me

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  1. Marie, I sent you a message on facebook.

    • Hi Maria, I did see it. I’ve had a lot of comments today and it’s not always easy. I will get back to you. I just need to breathe a bit. Like I mentioned above it’s not always easy to put myself and my story out there. Thank you for the message. xoxo

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