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Here’s the weekly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes of the day. 

“For me, the great icon of the 60s is Marlon Brando, with this kind of internalized rage, this duality between masculinity and hidden tenderness.”
-Robert Pattinson

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“They say you have to earn your luck. For me it is the opposite. I will work every single day for the next ten years to justify this.” -Robert Pattinson

“I’m not at all shielded from reality. And the people around me contradict me constantly. So much, that sometimes it really gets on my nerves” (Laughs) – Robert Pattinson

“There are very few auteur directors who can still get movies financed and the best way to improve as an actor is to work with the best directors out there.” -Robert Pattinson

“I have now signed up for many projects that last year I would have thought that I wasn’t good enough for them as an actor.” -Robert Pattinson

“I don’t really understand how the character Edward got so popular.” -Robert Pattinson

“As an actor, if you are invited to Cannes, you see yourself in a different light.” -Robert Pattinson

“To me, cinema is more than just entertainment.” -Robert Pattinson

“In America there is a channel called TruTV which is just reruns of Cops and World’s Dumbest Criminals. I could watch that the entire day.” -Robert Pattinson

“Hopefully people will start to see that I’m making interesting choices and then it’s a legit career. I don’t want to have a career that’s just an illusion.” -Robert Pattinson

“I’m no Don Juan. This is something that is beyond me and is actually quite cool, all those fans who take pictures of me, these blogs, this buzz. Frankly, I have no sex appeal. Just stroll around in Los Angeles, London or Paris and you can find a bunch of young guys like me. I am not James Dean.” -Robert Pattinson

“You try to say things in the perfect way but you know unless you say something stupid, from which people will make you look like a dick, you’re not going to have sound bites. And if you don’t say anything stupid, someone’s going to make something up anyways.” -Robert Pattinson

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