Rob & The Ugly Christmas Sweater Story   7 comments

I’m posting this because I think everyone needs to cheer up and lighten up 😉 So here goes! 

Once upon a time someone had the brilliant idea to photoshop Rob’s head on a picture of someone wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. Here it is. 

This is not a real picture people. It’s a hilarious photoshopped pic. 

yankeegirl51680 ,who was fully aware that this was a manipulated picture, had someone photoshop her into the picture and printed it out. She was lucky enough to attend the Remember Me Premiere in NYC and had Rob autograph the picture for her. Here’s Rob’s hilarious reaction to the picture. Too funny. Rob’s reaction is priceless. He’s such a great sport. Gotta love that laugh! 

Here is the signed autographed by Rob

These pictures are courtesy of lovelynessa. You can check out the rest here

Here’s the video of Rob’s reaction. The videos also belongs to lovelynessa  It starts at 0:30 


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7 responses to “Rob & The Ugly Christmas Sweater Story

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  1. OMG It’s really horrible in every way… And funny as hell. Loved it. And his reaction too

  2. That’s our Rob. lol Too funny! When he smiles I smile. 🙂

    Kellie Robsessed
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  4. what a sport man so funny

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