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Robert Pattinson ‘BlackBook’ Pic edits   Leave a comment

Here are some Robert Pattinson ‘BlackBook’ edits made by slowie

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The Video of That Time @TheShagDaddy Went On A Date With Cardboard Edward   Leave a comment

Since we’ve been posting funny Rob stories for the past few days, here’s another funny story for you. Once upon a time (I’m a great story teller aren’t I? ;)) Someone aka  theshagdaddy made a bet with me.  I told him we could get an extra 1,000 followers in 24 hours. He didn’t believe me… 

We won. Check our reaction to our win here. You guys then got to choose his punishment thanks to his wife AmberinOK who also had a Rob site at the time called Rob my world.You guys voted the results were…

The thing to keep in mind here is to never bet against me ;). I retold the entire story since some of you guys might have not been around back then. So once again for your viewing pleasure here’s a video of  theshagdaddy going on a date with cardboard Edward. Enjoy! 

For the other funny stories check out:

Rob & the Christmas sweater story

Rob & the Tom Stu sweater story

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New/Old BTS Pics of Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg on the set of Cosmopolis   2 comments

Here are some new/old behind the scenes pics of Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg on the set of Cosmopolis. Check out the others here

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Funny Video of the Day: Rob and the Tom Stu Sweater   1 comment

Here’s a funny video for you guys today. Some of you might have seen it, others might now. Someone made a Tom Stu sweater and wore it to a signing Rob was doing. Watch Rob’s reaction to the sweater below, it’s hilarious.


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Great Robert Pattinson Wallpaper Made by @alwaysneverland   1 comment

Here’s a great Robert Pattinson wallpaper made by Alwaysneverland. 

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UHQ Breaking Dawn Part II Promo Pics   Leave a comment

Here are 2 UHQ Breaking Dawn Promo pics, posted previously smaller. Click to make bigger. 

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Rob & The Ugly Christmas Sweater Story   7 comments

I’m posting this because I think everyone needs to cheer up and lighten up 😉 So here goes! 

Once upon a time someone had the brilliant idea to photoshop Rob’s head on a picture of someone wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. Here it is. 

This is not a real picture people. It’s a hilarious photoshopped pic. 

yankeegirl51680 ,who was fully aware that this was a manipulated picture, had someone photoshop her into the picture and printed it out. She was lucky enough to attend the Remember Me Premiere in NYC and had Rob autograph the picture for her. Here’s Rob’s hilarious reaction to the picture. Too funny. Rob’s reaction is priceless. He’s such a great sport. Gotta love that laugh! 

Here is the signed autographed by Rob

These pictures are courtesy of lovelynessa. You can check out the rest here

Here’s the video of Rob’s reaction. The videos also belongs to lovelynessa  It starts at 0:30 


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*SCANS* Bel Ami in ‘Corriere Della Sera’ Magazin – Italy   1 comment

 Bel Ami in ‘Corriere Della Sera’ Magazin – Italy

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Auctions for Douglas – Round 2!   Leave a comment

As we still have loads of stuff to auction off to raise money for Douglas, we’ve decided to do a second round of auctions. To find out more about who Douglas is and why we are doing this click here

You can also donate directly by clicking the donate button in the sidebar. Even the smallest amount is appreciated! 🙂 You can also help by purchasing Douglas’ new single “Give it Away” on iTunes by clicking here, as well as Insecure here.

Below you’ll find a list of the things currently auctioning off. If you click on the link if will send you directly to the proper place to bid. The auctions are worldwide! For auction rules and how to bid just click here

#1 TV Week Magazine – Australia 
#2 Custom Banner or Wallpaper made by DreamySim1
#3 Lot of Various Dutch Magazine 
#4 SFX Vampires Special Edition 
#5 Dutch Breaking Dawn Part I Poster 
#6 Hardcover First Edition of River Marked by Patricia Briggs
#7  Lot of Various Dutch Twilight – Robert Pattinson Magazines 
#8 Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine – Water for Elephants 
#9 Signed copy of Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
#10 Vanity Fair 2011
#11  Signed copy of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon 

#12 Water for Elephants Still autographed by Robert Pattinson 

So if you’ve ever wanted a customized banner like ours, a website design, if there’s a magazine you’ve been looking for or an autographed book now is the time! 🙂 

Please feel free to share this post.

Thank you all so much for your help. We really appreciate everything you guys help us accomplish.

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Cosmopolis Premiere to Be Held in NYC on August 13th?   1 comment

Accord to eOnefilms, the distributor for Cosmopolis, a premiere will be held in NYC on August 13th.