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 Goz over at ROBsessed as well as JAG from RAOR where the 2 people who really helped me out when I started ToR. They always answered my questions gave me tips and pointers. They still do now.

A while back Revolver Group came out with the ROBsessed DVD which was a total rip off of Goz’s blog’s name. This DVD is in no way whatsoever approved by Rob or his management. It’s a joke of a DVD. 

Today we learned that the people/person behind the DVD created a blog and are copying word for word the contents of Goz’s blog at ROBsessed as well as RP Life’s blog. Furthermore they are even saying ROBsessed is blogging for them which is completely untrue.   

 So to support ROBsessed and the others being copied here is what were asking you to do. Please boycott the ROBsessed DVD. Contact Revolver Entertainment at . Please don’t try to find the site because you’ll be giving them extra hits.

You can check what Goz posted about this on her site here

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37 responses to “Support ROBsessed Blog but not the ROBsessed DVD

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  2. Had a feeling this wasn’t a good thing the first time I heard of it. My daughter was so excited when she heard about it and I had to burst her bubble before I even read your post. It’s probably a pack of lies anyway and I’m sure we could all do a better job. And that’s really nasty about stealing the “Robsessed” name and the info on her blog.

  3. I saw the preview for it on you tube linked from imdb. I looks lame-o. And I wondered how they got away with using “Robsessed” although term is probably not copyrighted.
    I was not planning on buying it—even before I read this.

  4. This really pissed me off because I had been typing in “Robsessed” to get to her blog and it just started sending me to that stupid DVD site one day! Just let me know ANYTHING else I can do to help!! I absolutely CAN NOT stand shady ass people like that!!

  5. for everyone who wants to suport, I’m made a banner for the boycott (it’s lame, but I guess it fits)

  6. NO it is not lame, it is very cool and appropriate!

    If this is not approved by Rob and his Peeps—how can they use his image and name like this and not pay him?

  7. Thank you, you know I love you :))

    Thanks for the support ViviLit, I will use your button and put it on our sidebar if that’s ok 🙂

  8. i think the dvd looks great … i am have bought it already dont hate on ROB x

  9. wait…what?? *looks for pervy innuendos*

  10. aaawww come on… why wouldn’t you buy it? i mean, it looks so professionally done. that cover, the picture… and it’s “all areas accessed”! wooooweeee….
    what people won’t do for a buck….

  11. I will not support a DVD that has only one goal. To cash in on Rob while he doesn’t see a dime of this for himself. That is WRONG and who knows what lies these ppl are spreading. Unauthorized means one thing, the person in question has NO control over the content and it is likely to have a lot of lies in it, speculation as well and we ALL know they will speculate over anything.

    As for the company’s shady promotion tactics…well it is in tune with the DVD. Not only did they steal from great bloggers but they also made their hard work look amateurish and crap. SO wrong on so many levels so when I read Gozde’s thank you this morning (for me lol) my heart sang! DO not mess with fans is all I am sayin…I hope whoever did this crappy site got fired.

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